Truck Driver hauls its way onto Nintendo Switch today

The Nintendo Switch has a growing number of simulation titles. And now, we have the release of the first true truck driving simulation on the hybrid, Truck Driver. Coming from the team at Sodesco, Truck Driver finally makes its release onto Switch after coming to PS4 and Xbox One a few months ago.

While Switch owners had to wait for a while for this, Sodesco made sure to include all of the improvements that have been over time to the other versions of the game right out of the box for the Switch release. These improvements include an update to the Unity engine, weather enhancements, and other new additions. The Switch version will also be improved over time.

On top of this, Truck Driver on Switch includes some console-specific features such as HD Rumble and motion-controlled steering. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can even rock a single Joy-Con and slap it into one of those Wii Wheel-erm-Switch Wheel accessories and get “immersed” in the experience. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Labo Steering Wheel Toy-Con is not supported.

Sodesco, think you can hook us Labo owners up?

Big jobs for big rigs

Truck Driver sports an open-world map with a variety of different cargo and transport jobs to complete. There is some narrative in this title as you will be interacting with different characters as you explore the world and complete objectives.

Of course, your truck can also be customized to your liking as you earn money to buy upgrades and visual enhancements.

Truck Driver is available now on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop and also physically for £49.99.

Before you dive into the experience, you can check out the launch trailer here:

There is also a gameplay video from the developers at Sodesco themselves showing off the game running natively on Nintendo Switch for 10 minutes:

We’re currently in contact with the team to try and secure a review code, so stay tuned for that.