U.S.-Canada truck freight rises 1.9%

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Truck freight between U.S. and Canada was worth US£28.4 billion in September, the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) said Friday. That was up 1.9% from August, but down 1.9% from September 2019, the bureau said.

(Source: BTS)

In all, trucks moved £63.5 billion of freight between the U.S., Canada and Mexico in September, up 4.3% from August, but down 0.8% from September 2019.

The second most-used mode of transportation was railways, which moved £13.8 billion of freight in September.

That was down 0.3% compared to August 2020, and down 6.9% compared to September 2019, BTS said.

U.S.-Canada truck freight rises 1.9%(Source: BTS)

Total transborder freight in September was worth £96.4 billion, up 3.2% compared to August 2020, and up 6.0% from July 2020.

The bureau said the September value was still down 4.9% from the same month last year.

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