Western Star mine truck to be electrified in Quebec

MONTREAL, Que. – An off-road Western Star mine truck is being electrified as part of a multi-stakeholder collaboration. The project involves The Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI), Propulsion Quebec, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), as well as suppliers Adria Power Systems, Dana TM4, Fournier et fils, and Nouveau Monde Graphite. The Western Star 6900XD truck with 40-ton loading capacity will be the first electric hauler to be used in a Canadian mine.

Fournier et Fils will provide the truck and technical experts for the conversion. The motorization is being handled by Dana TM4. NRC will evaluate the truck to ensure it meets specific criteria of being inexpensive and capable of handling the harsh conditions of open pit mining.

The truck will be required to operate year-round. Adria Power Systems is supplying the charging infrastructure and will be responsible for battery assembly. Nouveau Monde Graphite says it will use 12 electric trucks, saving more than 80,000 liters of diesel per year and reducing GHG emissions by 220 tons.

It is vying to operate the world’s first 100% electric open pit mine in Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Que. The electric Western Star is expected to make its first test runs in early 2022 at a Fournier et Fils quarry and Nouveau Monde Graphite site. “We’re helping mining companies lower their emissions by investing in onsite emissions reduction technologies, and they’re helping us by powering the clean technologies we’ll need to reach net zero by 2050,” said Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources.

(Photo: Propulsion Quebec)

“We are proud to support the development of this heavy electric vehicle which is highly promising for the sustainable development of the mining industry and fits perfectly with our plan to develop critical and strategic minerals,” added Jonatan Julien, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

“Our strategic vision for mining development aims, among other things, to prevent and mitigate its environmental impacts.

There is no doubt that this collaborative project, supported by the Societe du Plan Nord, will contribute to us reaching this objective.

The active participation of the Quebec government in the development of green technologies for the mining industry already allows me to envision electric trucks operating in Quebec’s mines, which could completely revolutionize the industry.”

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