Why Are Truck Drivers Going on Strike?

The group, which was founded on Nov.

6, attempted to organize a one-day trucking strike on Nov.

11 on Veterans Day. There was some participation but not enough to satisfy the group. The group’s overall purpose is to protest President-elect Joe Biden’s proposed Green New Deal and any potential ban on fracking. 

Why are truck drivers going on strike in 2020?

Truckers in the U.S. are concerned about general labor issues like unsatisfactory COVID-19 protections for drivers, wages, as well as potential policies under the next U.S. president.

President-elect Biden’s policies urge a transition to renewable energy sources and a ban on fracking.  Jeremy Rewoldt, the founder of the StopTheTires2020 group on Facebook, didn’t intend to start a movement. He wanted to start a discussion among fellow truck drivers.

In an interview with TheTrucker, Rewoldt explained that the group ballooned to over 10,000 members overnight and over 67,000 members within a week. Article continues below A potential ban on fracking is a major reason why truck drivers don’t approve of Biden’s policies. FreightWaves said that Biden “clarified that his proposal only opposes hydraulic fracking on federal lands, not all fracking.” 

Rewoldt has stated that he’s absolutely against blocking or slowing traffic. The StopTheTires group also opposes interference with medical supply shipments. He hopes that senators will contact him and arrange to hear perspectives from truckers across the country.

He said that the shutdown would end if senators communicate with the truckers.  Article continues below Rewoldt said, “This is not about me; it’s not about you.

It’s about every hard-working person.” 

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