Lorry numbers stranded at border continue to rise

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Even if a solution is found to the UK-France border problem, it’s likely to be a slow process getting through the backlog of vehicles waiting to cross the Channel, according to director at Eurotunnel, John Keefe.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Wake Up to Money programme earlier, he said: “If everyone arrived at the same moment, it would be difficult. We run six departures per hour, each one carries 32 trucks… somewhere between 180 and 200 trucks per hour.

“From what we’re seeing, there might be some form of testing, so if people have to go through testing first, then it looks like it might start as a trickle rather than a flood.”

The service carries up to 7,000 lorries on a normal day and an average of 60,000 passengers. Eurotunnel says a quarter of all UK trade passses through the tunnel.

“Hopefully, it’s just 48 hours and hopefully those trucks will eventually go through because the trucks have to get back to their base, the drivers have to get home.

“The logistics and transport process is a circuit; it keeps on running in both directions.

Goods are brought in, goods are taken out, so it’s in everybody’s interest that that starts up again soon.”

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