We Love Lancashire: Some of 2020's worst fly-tipping incidents

FLY-TIPPING has long been a scourge in East Lancashire with many of the area’s beauty spots being hit. And in our towns reports of bags of rubbish and large items such as fridges and sofas being left in alleyways to attract vermin are a regular occurrence. In 2020, this has been particularly galling as our local authorities, who are called upon to deal with the aftermath, have had their focus on the coronavirus pandemic.

The last thing they need is lazy people and criminal gangs continuing to selfishly dump rubbish. Some of the worst incidents have included householders in Dickens Street in Blackburn telling last month how they are left with dumped cars lining their road and the rubbish that has been repeatedly dumped in nearby alleyways. In November, a huge tipper truck was needed to clear a massive fly-tipping of waste on Steiners Lane in Church.

Cllr Loraine Cox discovered the mound of beds, bedding, cabinets and clothing. Stronger action was taken in July when three cars that had been involved in fly tipping were seized by police.

One of the cars siezed by police Officers said that they would continue to work closely with the community to crack down on this kind of activity. We Love Lancashire: Some of 2020's worst fly-tipping incidents

Some of the rubbish left on Dickens Street, Blackburn  She said ‘the scale of this dumping was something that Hyndburn Council could not deal with’. In April, the road into Belthorn was blocked by dumped building waste.

In July, 50 black bags of rubbish were left in a back-alley behind Greenway Street in Darwen. Also in the summer, three friends were hailed as heroes after taking it upon themselves to clear a huge fly-tipping site. Damion Whitton, Bruce-Lee Knowles and Chris Taylor were out in Cliviger, when they came across the fly-tipping site, just off Bacup Road.

Blackburn with Darwen council deputy leader Councillor Phil Riley said: “It’s no longer just individuals but gangs dumping industrial quantities of waste leaving the council with a big bill to clear them up.

“The problem is catching those responsible.”

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