BA & Heathrow red-faced after tweets on Right Said Fred maskless boast


ritish Airways and Heathrow have been left red-faced after appearing to condone Right Said Fred’s claim of being “applauded”for not wearing a mask at the airport. The 90s group, made up of Fred and Richard Fairbrass who are known lockdown sceptics, tweeted from Heathrow: “I was dreading travelling, it’s been the very opposite of what I expected. “@British_Airways @HeathrowAirport T5 staff have been lovely, no issues with me being mask-less and lots of “thanks” and “good for you’s” for speaking out on Covid and the lockdowns.”

Incredibly British Airways replied from their official account: “That’s good to hear. We hope you enjoy your flight.”  The tweet was signed off “Anthony”.

Heathrow Airport also replied in a now-deleted Tweet: “We’re glad to hear your journey is going smoothly. Sometimes it’s those simple things…” The mistake was blamed on “a genuine error” from one of hundreds of social media agents based in Newcastle who didn’t read the whole message before replying.

One follower asked the band: “Will you take responsibility if it turns out you infect a plane load of passengers?” They replied: “Your fear is your problem. Go back under your duvet.”

The tweets riled up lockdown sceptics who took them as confirmation of their views, with some posting “Freedom!” Another said: “I think we’re being fed a narrative that the majority of the U.K. public support lockdowns etc! The truth is, there’s more of us than we are led to believe & the majority want a return to the old normal!

Have a safe flight.” After being alerted to the Tweets by The Standard six hours after the band’s boast Heathrow, deleted and replaced the offending tweet. They wrote: “We are aware of the oversight and apologise for the error.

At Heathrow, we fully support measures that prevent the spread of COVID-19. Face coverings are mandatory and we encourage everyone to wear one at all times, unless they’re exempt. “If you notice somebody not wearing a face covering whilst at Heathrow, please do not hesitate to speak to a colleague in-terminal about your concerns.”

 A spokesman for BA, who also deleted their Tweet, said: “All customers and British Airways staff members are required to wear a mask throughout their journey, unless they meet the Government’s exemption requirements, as stated on This is to ensure the wellbeing of their fellow travellers and the airline’s staff members.” Right Said Fred were criticised in September 2020 when they were spotted at an anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square.

Recently they dismissed the abuse Professor Chris Whitty received in a TikTok video as he was repeatedly called a “liar” whilst being verbally abused in the street as he queued up calmly at a food stall in Westminster. Pop duo Richard and Fred Fairbrass’s account replied to an MP’s tweet about the shocking nature of the video to say: “No one twisted his arm, he’s lucky to have a job, millions aren’t so fortunate.” A further 915 Covid deaths were announced in the UK today, including a seven-year-old child.

Over the past week there have been 7,124 deaths within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test.

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