Truck driver busy checking GPS, hits Heroines Monument barrier

Lt Phattarakorn Pongpaiboon of the Thalang Police was called to the scene at about 5am.  Police together with rescue workers from Srisoonthorn Municipality and the Kusoldharm Foundation arrived to find a white Isuzu truck registered in Nakhon Pathom that had struck the barrier on the western side of the monument. The truck had sustained heavy damage to its front, but its driver and three passengers had suffered only minor injuries, Lt Phattarakorn said.

The truck driver, Worakan Phayommai, 29, originally from Ubon Ratchathani, told police that he and his co-workers were going to work at a construction site near Phuket International Airport.  Mr Worakan said that he was using a GPS for directions as he was not familiar with the roads. He had been in Phuket only three days, he added.

He was driving along Srisoonthorn Rd when approaching the monument.

While looking at the GPS, he did not see the monument looming in front of him and struck the barrier, made of short steel poles, Mr Worakan explained. Lt Phattarakorn reported that Mr Worakan and his co-workers were all taken to Thalang Hospital and had their blood tested for alcohol, and to receive treatment for their minor injuries.  “We charged the driver for reckless driving causing damage to other people’s property and fined him for B400,” Lt Phattarakorn said.

“But at this stage, they do not have any money to pay the fine, so we dropped them off at their accommodation and will call on them later to pay the fine,” he added.

“As for the damage to the barrier, insurance will take care of it,” he said.

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