Waste removal company questioning future over smashed windscreen twice

A WASTE removal worker is scared for his business after his van and truck windscreen was smashed twice. Shaun Dingles, from Blackburn, owns Dingles Waste Removals but has been forced to stop working twice as he became the target for attacks on his van and truck. The windscreen of both were hit with a hammer as he was parked outside his home last Thursday and another incident happened eight months ago.

He said: “The first time they damaged the van with a brick but the second time they used a hammer. “I had no CCTV the first time, so we didn’t catch them, but this time I do, and I want to find them because it’s ruining my work. “I lost out on costs last time as I did not go through the insurance company.

I lost jobs too.” Mr Dingles put in a claim this time but still lost a couple of days’ work with over 40 jobs. He said: “It’s stressful and I have got to reschedule customers, losing money, and it’s my reputation at stake as well.”

Mr Dingles reported the latest incident to the police, who are now investigating. A spokesman for the police, said: “We had it reported that the windscreens on two vehicles were smashed by a man with a hammer. “It is under investigation.”

Mr Dingles said: “I just thought I had to let people know on Facebook because I have that many jobs which I had to rearrange. “I don’t want to let them down and want them to know why I had do this. “I wish people would not do this to other people’s businesses.

It’s not fair on my family either.” As a key worker, Mr Dingles has been lucky to continue working during the lockdown, but is worried the constant attacks may render him unable to carry on. He said: “Some people just don’t want to see other people doing well.

“I don’t want this to happen again because it will just make it so hard to carry on because I need to put food on the table.

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