Dealer Who Tried To Hide Drug Wraps By Swallowing Them Jailed

A man who tried to hide wraps of drugs from police by swallowing them has been jailed. Watch officers uncover the drugs here: Kewbe Tomlinson was stopped in Crawley on 6 January and officers were forced to break the window of his car in a bid to preserve evidence – which he was in the process of shoving in his mouth.

The 36-year-old subsequently spat out the wraps and was arrested and taken to hospital to ensure that he hadn’t swallowed any of the drugs. Upon searching the car, officers found a total of 93 wraps containing heroin and crack cocaine, worth around GBP1,860 (£2,553). Tomlinson, from Wimbledon, London, was charged with being concerned in the supply of heroin and crack cocaine and two counts of possession of class A drugs with intent to supply.

He pleaded guilty at Hove Crown Court on Friday (19 March) and was sentenced to five-and-a-half-years in prison.

Tomlinson has been jailed. Credit: Sussex Police

Inspector Johnny Hartley from the Specialist Enforcement Unit (SEU) said: “This is an excellent example of teams within the force working together to bring offenders to justice and to keep our communities safe.

“The tactical options the SEU use allow us to obtain the best evidence and this with the dedicated and thorough investigative work by the West Sussex Community Investigation Team, resulted in Tomlinson pleading guilty to the offences. “The sentence imposed by the court demonstrates the seriousness of the offence and we will continue to tackle and target those who exploit the vulnerable and commit crime within Sussex.” Jacob Peck, from Huntington, West Virginia, went to Milton Police Department after being informed that officers had found his wallet.

Dealer Who Tried To Hide Drug Wraps By Swallowing Them Jailed
Peck was arrested. Credit: Milton Police Department

A police sniffer dog also indicated there were illegal drugs inside the 24-year-old’s truck, and after searching it police found more drugs and scales. Jacob was arrested and officers confiscated a quantity of heroin, heroin laced with fentanyl, and crystal meth.

Peck was subsequently charged with possession of drugs with the intent to supply and with obstructing an officer.

Sharing news of the arrest to its Facebook page, Milton Police Department wrote: “A found wallet containing narcotics call this afternoon lead Ptl Wynston Lloyd to arrest the owner of the wallet, Jacob C Peck, 24 of Huntington when he came to the office to pick it up.

“K-9 Fiona did a sniff of Peck’s truck and indicated, leading to the discovery of additional drugs and scales.”