Driver fined for overweight truck full of carrots

A TRUCK driver has been fined by police after driving with an excessive load – which was thousands of loose carrots. West Yorkshire Police stopped the flatbed truck yesterday after it caught the attention of cops “due to the number of rabbits watching it pass.” Images show the truck situated behind a police car while the rear of the truck is completely full with loose carrots.

The flatbed truck is completely full of carrots.

A close up of the rear of the vehicle shows the brightly coloured veg piled high in the rear of the truck.

One load strap can be seen tied across the mound of loose veg, the strap appears to be securing nothing as it goes straight over the carrots. Cops posted pictures of the brightly coloured load onto their Facebook page last night. They captioned their post: “This vehicle caught our attention due to the number of rabbits on the verge of the motorway watching it pass.

Driver fined for overweight truck full of carrotsThe driver was fined by the police following the traffic stop.

“Found to be 20% over weight loaded with carrots.

Fixed Penalty Notice issued and prohibited until the load could be split.” Since police shared images of the bizarre load yesterday, Facebook users have been leaving hilarious comments on the pictures. Owen Lloyd said: “Thought you were going to say pulled over due to broken headlights but he claimed he could see in the dark.”

Driver fined for overweight truck full of carrotsFacebook users could not believe their eyes.

Mark Smith commented: “Good job he tied the load down with that strap.”

Kimberley Featherpebble posted: “This has got to be the strangest thing I’ve seen today.”

Stace Jayne also said: “Looks like a rabbit lock down party to me.

Get em fined!”