New funding for electric truck technology

London, UK: Logistics UK has welcomed the government’s decision to fund new technology in a bid to advance the next generation of electric trucks. The government has allocated GBP54m on three projects – the largest (GBP31.9m) is to develop electric propulsion systems for heavy goods vehicles in Cwmbran, Wales. This technology could be applied in a range of ways, such as giving lorries greater travel range.

At the same time, the government is to invest GBP20m to develop innovative zero emission shipping vessels and clean port infrastructure. Logistics UK’s head of public policy, Michelle Gardner, said: “Today’s announcement of govt funding to develop zero-emission technologies for shipping and heavy goods vehicles will help business progress its commitment to decarbonisation. Innovation is needed to help drive progress for logistics.”

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said: “The UK is leading the world by developing cutting edge technology that will help to tackle climate change and lead to a green, competitive future for our automotive supply chain. These projects will not only help accelerate the wider application of greener technology in lorries and buses, but will also help generate the high-skilled jobs to level up communities across the UK while ensuring we build back greener from the pandemic.” The vehicle funding is being coordinated by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) which supports the development of low-carbon emission technologies for cars, buses, heavy goods vehicles, and vans.

The government says that these projects “will help further the UK’s ongoing efforts to develop a sustainable supply chain for manufacturing electric vehicles by 2026”.