Activists dump fake coal at Lloyd's of London

Climate change activists dumped fake coal outside Lloyd’s of London demanding that it stop providing insurance policies to coal and fossil fuel projects. The activists from Insurance Rebellion, which is supported by Extinction Rebellion, used a tipper truck to dump a large pile of fake coal at the Lloyd’s of London headquarters on Lime Street on Friday morning. City of London Police said two people were arrested for obstructing the highway.

Activists dump fake coal at Lloyd's of LondonA protest outside the Lloyd’s of London building (Insurance Rebellion/PA)

A banner at the protest said “DO NOT INSURE THE WEST CUMBIRA COAL MINE” while others said “CLIMATE CRIMINALS” and “FOSSIL FUELS = DEATH”.

The activists said two metres cubed of black rubble was used to block the main entrance to the building. Harriet, 28, from Insurance Rebellion, said: “Every day Lloyd’s continues to insure fossil fuel projects we move one step closer to climate breakdown.” She added: “Fossil fuel companies can’t run without insurance, so let’s stop insuring them.”

A Lloyd’s spokesman said: “Lloyd’s is committed to accelerating its transition towards a more sustainable insurance and reinsurance marketplace, and has set out specific actions and commitments to align with the goals of the Paris Agreement. “We are actively involved in constructive engagement on the issue of climate change and continue to explore the ways in which Lloyd’s can support a responsible transition.” The protest comes after climate change activists said they smashed the windows of HSBC’s London headquarters on Thursday over its links to the fossil fuel industry.

Nine women from Extinction Rebellion (XR) and the political party Burning Pink targeted the Canary Wharf building using hammers and chisels to break the glass. They then placed stickers on the windows reading “GBP80 billion into fossil fuels in the last 5 years” and waited for police to arrive, XR said. The Metropolitan Police said officers were called to Canada Square shortly after 7am to reports of protesters causing “criminal damage to a building”.

The force said nine women were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.