Calls to review DNR orders in East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire

A report found ‘inconsistent’ and ‘concerning’ approaches across the country A new report’s calling for a rethink on DNR orders across East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire. The research by the Care Quality Commission is calling for ‘improved oversight and reform’.

It says approaches to ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ orders are ‘inconsistent’ and ‘concerning’ across the country.

Head of Inspection Carlyn Jenkinson says the pandemic has shone a light on the issue.

“It was a mixed picture. “We found some good examples of good practice across the country. “But we also heard from people who didn’t feel that they’d been involved in decisions about their care.

“We also found some examples where decisions were made that weren’t done properly.

She says people need to understand DNRs better.

“Health and social care professionals need more knowledge, support and education. “They need to be confident to have really good, meaningful conversations with people about how they want to end their lives.”

Tiffany Strudwick lives in Hull, she said her mum was issued a DNR without her families consent and later passed away after catching Covid-19.

“Without it, Tiffany thinks special measures would have been put in place and Amanda would still be alive. “It turned my head, it turned my Dad’s head, it turned the whole families head.

“Mum had battled through cancer numerous times and to then have a DNR put in place, it’s not something she would have done.”

She said it felt like being kicked in the gut.

“She was only 52 and she was still full of life and acting like a 20 year old.

“Especially since she got over cancer, she got like a new lease of life and for this thing to be put in place to prevent her from fighting Covid, it was like being hit by a truck.”

She says her Dad felt guilty saying goodbye.

“She was waving to him bye, like normal, and she had a CPAP machine on, but she was fine and there was still a fighting chance within her.

“But that was taken away when this DNR order was put in place.”

The trust in charge of Boston Hospital has been approached for comment.

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