Cops share shocking images of caravan and HGV collision aftermath

POLICE have shared distressing images which shows the aftermath of a crash between a HGV and a car towing a caravan. Cops captured the image on the M1 outside Meadowhall in South Yorkshire on Saturday, describing the incident as a “spectacular” collision which only caused minor injuries. The image was shared by South Yorkshire Police onto their Facebook page yesterday showing the extensive field of debris that was left following the incident.

What was once a touring caravan has been obliterated by the HGV with belongings left scattered across the motorway.

Pictured: The remains of the touring caravan.
Copyright – South Yorkshire Police

The inside remnants of the tourer can be seen piled up in the middle of the carriageway , with parts of a bed visible among the wreckage. Personal effects such as shoes can also be seen amongst the mound of debris. One remaining wall of the caravan can be seen standing up against the central reservation.

Cops captioned their post: “For anyone using the M1 south just before Meadowhall on Saturday, this was the cause of your hold up – a spectacular but thankfully only minor injury collision between an HGV and trailer and what used to be a caravan.

Cops share shocking images of caravan and HGV collision aftermathPictured: The M1 from Google Maps.

“We appreciate that this would have caused a lot of inconvenience to people and we know that the tailbacks were quite significant, so we would like to offer some thanks and some apologies.” Alongside their Facebook post, South Yorkshire Police also called out drivers who decided to travel down closed lanes in an attempt to bypass the extensive queues. They said: “Finally, we would like to offer our less than sincere apologies to those very important people that seemed to think the red “X” system was being used to keep a lane open for them and them alone to continue their journey unimpeded.

“These very important people will be receiving a letter of apology in the next few days to their home address – it will have the words “Central Ticket Office” on it to help you identify it.

Police share devestating images showing the aftermath of caravan crash - Police NewsSocial media users who where at the scene posted about the incident and the lane jumpers.

Since sharing their image yesterday, social media users have been commenting on the shocking images. Nicky Royle Leggitt said: “So glad to read as a fellow caravanner minor injuries only.” Sue Boyne posted: “Sad day for those involved but vans can be replaced, glad to hear no serious injuries.”

Becky Dransfield commented: “The amount of people that were ignoring the Closed lanes signs and driving as far as they could was ridiculous.

“We were all in the same boat with places to go.”