Emmerdale fans distracted by Mandy Dingle detail during emotional hospital scenes

The first moments of Paul Ashdale’s tragic death played out in Emmerdale to round off a dramatic week for certain members of the village. Fans of the soap saw a distraught Mandy Dingle still dressed for her wedding to Paul after watching him slip away following a crash. On Thursday, Jimmy King lost control of his truck and ploughed into the farm buildings, not knowing Paul and Liv Flaherty were inside.

Liv manged to escape the wreckage but Paul was trapped.

The youngster attempted to save her ex-boyfriend’s dad but the crash came just after he was beating her for uncovering the truth of the abuse on his son Vinny. She ended up walking away as he cruelly taunted her before an explosion left them fighting for their lives. Fastforward to Friday and a grief-stricken Mandy was still at the hospital after Vinny collapsed and underwent surgery for internal bleeding.

Vinny was assaulted by his dad, Paul, which landed him in hospital. But when Paul lost it again, he stood on his son – potentially causing his latest collapse.

Mandy is still at the hospital

And Mandy was desperate for answers and confronted Liv, who exposed the truth on Paul. But despite the highly emotional scenes, viewers were distracted by a particular detail when it came to Mandy.

“Mandy rocking around the hospital in her veil with her bouquet and her phone in her bra? Iconic. #Emmerdale,” tweeted one. Another noted: “Mandy’s talented.

How she managed to keep her mobile phone tucked under her bra slip during filming only she knows. #emmerdale.”

Emmerdale fans distracted by Mandy Dingle detail during emotional hospital scenesMandy was devastated as Paul died following the crash

“Her husband-to-be is dead and her son’s in surgery and her phone is still in her boob, I’m obsessed with Mandy #Emmerdale,” a third added.

A fourth joked: “#Emmerdale Has #Mandy got some new unknown, technology, that keeps her mobile phone stuck to her chest, no matter what.”