Hopyard, Village Green pub planning outdoor patios this summer in P.E.I. for the first time


Outdoor patios at bars and restaurants have become more than a place for customers to sit and have a cold beer on a hot summer day. Patios have also become an important revenue source for business owners to help offset the province’s indoor dining pandemic regulations, such as social distancing between tables and a 50-person limit. “Basically, what we hope for is to get our sales back to where they were two years ago, because last summer with the regulations, when you’re at half capacity, you’re going to do half the sales,” said Brett Hogan, who co-owns the Hopyard in Charlottetown with Mike Ross.

Hogan and Ross are setting up an outdoor patio in front of their Kent Street business for the first time this summer. “So, we’re trying to get those extra seats out there to help compensate for that,” he added.


The plan is to have a wood patio ready by mid to late May with seating for 25-30 customers. The patio will sit on top of some of the parking spaces in front of the business.

It will also have some shrubbery from VanKampen’s Greenhouses and planter boxes to help serve as a railing. “It’s going to be new, clean, green – kind of (to) go with the Hopyard theme,” said Hogan. “We’re basically going to get it open, see what people think, and then we can make changes however we need to.” Materials for the wood patio will cost around £5,000.

On top of that, there are costs related to design and labour. “It’s an investment. It’s something that we can use for many years to come.

So, it will definitely pay off over time, but it is a big investment,” said Hogan. The businessmen also have outdoor patio space at the seasonal Sugar Skull Cantina on Water Street, and they are planning on putting in a patio at their Hopyard location on Gottingen Street in Halifax. “I think the more patios the better, now,” Hogan said.

Upstreet Craft Brewing has also applied to have a patio in front of its Craft Beer Corner location at the corner of Great George and Kent streets, but as of Friday, it was still waiting for approval from the city.


Bryan Carver’s plans for a first-time patio are much simpler. Carver, the owner of the Village Green microbrewery and pub in Cornwall, is planning to put about six picnic tables on the lawn near the large tree in front of the business. The patio is expected to be set up and open around the end of April.

The pub is located at the end of the Cornwall Road in the space previously occupied by the Cornwall Dental Clinic. Carver said the patio will be enclosed with rope attached to several wood barrels, and customers will have a view of vehicles driving by on Main Street near the Meadowbank Road/Heatherway Drive intersection.

Bryan Carver, owner of the Village Green pub and microbrewery in Cornwall, is going to have a patio made up of picnic tables on the lawn near the large tree this season. – TERRENCE MCEACHERN o The Guardian

The patio will also be used by the Holy Fox Food Truck, which is operating out of the Village Green parking lot. Carver considered having a wood deck built, but given the price of lumber, decided against the idea.

The Village Green microbrewery has seating for 25 people inside, so the patio’s seating will provide another revenue source along with the retail aspect of selling beer for people to take home with them. Despite the revenue possibilities, Carver said he likes the idea of having a patio because people simply enjoy drinking beer outside in the summer. “You’ve got to get in that good weather while you can,” he said.

Terrence McEachern is The Guardian’s business reporter.

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