Longtown overnight HGV parking ban rejected by parish council


PROPOSALS to ban overnight HGV parking in Longtown have been rejected by parish councillors. Sir James Bart, chairman of Arthuret Parish Council, summed up the council’s views at an online meeting earlier this month. He said: “It is not a serious problem and it would penalise people living in Longtown who park their cab and sleep in their own house.”

Councillors were discussing a county council proposal for the “restriction of overnight waiting by HGVs between 8pm and 7am, and all day at weekends”. The streets proposed for the restrictions include Arthuret Road, Carlisle Road, Briar Lea (A6071), Old Road, Moor Road, Netherby Road and the A7 Bridge Street. Councillor Margaret Gunson said: “I walk around in the evening and the only place I see four or five lorries is on the industrial estate where they park regularly.

“Are they causing a problem? I have not seen many lorries parked up on the streets of Longtown at night. “If they’ve brought the lorry home, then go to bed in the house to have an early start in the morning then I don’t think we should penalise those guys.”

However Gordon Routledge, the council’s vice-chairman, said: “I don’t see why the main street should be used as an unofficial truck stop at night – virtually every layby around the area is used for that purpose “There is a truck stop, so should we be allowing HGVs to stop and park on the main street, sleep in the cab all night? I don’t think so.

“It would alleviate a lot of the parking problems at night for cars as well.” Councillor John Mallinson, leader of the city council who attended the meeting in his capacity as a ward representative, said: “I think it would be rather harsh because you could prevent a wagon or a large van driver bringing his truck home, parking it up and going to bed for the night. “I think it would virtually stop someone buying a sandwich at the SPAR shop at 9pm, that is the issue.

“I’m the wrong person to judge this but I think you need to ask yourselves, how big a problem do you think that it is, because there is always a downside to something. You need to make sure that the problem has sufficient difficulties to merit the downside. “Sometimes you should be careful what you wish for.”

Karen Johnson, parish clerk, said she had not received any concerns from residents over the issue.

The parish council agreed to write to the county council and state its views on the proposals.

At the same meeting councillors came out against other county council parking proposals on English Street, Main Street and Bridge Street, including a one-hour time limit and residents parking permits – a petition against was also signed by 380 residents.