Pictures show 'worst ever' flooding in Haven Road, Colchester

DRIVERS were forced to navigate water as high as car bumpers after a busy road notorious for flooding was swept up by water again. Haven Road, in the Hythe in Colchester, flooded again on Wednesday, with high tides causing the road to be covered by inches of water. One resident told the Gazette it was the worst flooding he’d seen on the road.

Haven Road flooding.

Picture: Dory Drew He said: “It is the worst I have ever seen it. “I came down from Old Heath towards Tesco Hythe in a truck and the water was reaching up to the front bumpers of the cars driving the other way.

“If anyone stalled their car in it they wouldn’t have been able to get started again.”

Haven Road flooding. Picture: Dory Drew

Haven Road flooding. Picture: Dory Drew

Haven Road has been notorious for flooding for years, with water levels rising every time there is a high tide. Last year the issue became so bad one business, Velvis Cars, decided to relocate to West Bergholt. Ward councillor Mike Lilley (Lab, Old Heath and Hythe) said residents and businesses had understandably had enough.

“The situation is getting ridiculous,” he said. “I have contacted senior officers at the council and environmental protection. It has got to be doing damage below the surface.

“There is a lot of housing down there and there must be a worry about the damage it is doing to foundations too. “Residents have rightly had enough and we need something done about it now.”

Haven Road flooding. Picture: Dory Drew

Haven Road flooding.

Picture: Dory Drew Anglian Water has said in the past it’s assets were not related to the flooding, whilst the Environment Agency believe it is an issue for Anglian Water and Essex County Council to resolve. :

A spokesman for Essex Highways said it was responsible for the road drains which linked to the Anglia Water system. He added: “Essex Highways clears all the local road drains while completing its road drainage clearance schedule. “Flooding is a recurring and complex issue in Haven Road.

The outfall from the drainage system to the tidal river nearby is reportedly low in the wall, potentially affected by silting.

“That may be an issue for the Environment Agency, with Colchester Council owning the river wall and fishery owners are believed to control access rights.

Essex Highways welcomes and looks forward to further discussions with all concerned parties as we try to identify a long-term solution together.”