River turns white after milk truck overturns

A river went completely white when a milk truck overturned on a road nearby and spilled its contents into the water. Many gallons of milk rushed into the Carmarthenshire river in Wales following the accident, with the A482 in Llanwrda shut as emergency services dealt with the incident, Wales Online reported.  The scene was caught on camera and a clip of the milky white water was posted on Twitter.

The clip shows the unusually white water flowing over a small waterfall, as a crowd of shocked onlookers survey the scene. National Resources Wales said they were aware of the incident, adding that it had caused “significant discolouration” They added: “Officers have been on site on Wednesday to assess the impact and will continue on Thursday morning.”

The video caused a stir on Twitter with one user commenting: “Is there a tanker full of honey in the same area?” while another said: “Get the coco pops out.”

However, not everyone saw the funny side with another user warning: “I hope @EvnAgency are responding rapidly to this as deoxygenation of the water can lead to significant fish kills.”