Undercover truck helps police catch lawbreaking motorists

Humberside Police are taking part in Operation Tramline this week

Operation TramlineAuthor: Richard MuriePublished 5 hours ago

Humberside Police officers are this week riding round in an unmarked HGV trying to catch motorists breaking the law. They’re taking part in Operation Tramline – a national scheme run in conjuction with Highways England – until the 15th of April. Officers use the vantage point of the truck to spot people speeding, driving erratically potentially because of drink or drugs, not wearing seatbelts or using their mobile phone behind the wheel – video that – then send in a marked car to pull the driver over.

4000 people have been caught nationally doing what police refer to as the ‘Fatal Four’ – the actions causing the most deaths on the roads. Sarah Watson-Quirk from Highways England said: “The vast majority of people drive responsibly and we hope Operation Tramline will encourage all road users to drive safely. We have several lorry cabs at Highways England that provide the police with a valuable tool to carry out their job enforcing the law.

“Unfortunately around 450 people are killed or seriously injured every year on England’s motorways and major A roads as a result of a driver being impaired or distracted.

Those who break the law behind the wheel are putting lives at risk.”

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