West Mercia Police: Unmarked cabs help catch drivers

LAST week West Mercia Police teamed up with Highways England in Operation Tramline, a joint national operation aimed at changing driver behaviour. Operation Tramline involves roads policing officers driving an unmarked HGV cab to give them a clear view of all road users, including drivers of large vehicles. During the operation 67 offences were detected on the motorway, such as non seatbelt use, mobile phone use, speeding and not in proper control of the vehicle.

Supt Mel Crowther of West Mercia Police said: “It’s concerning that there are still motorists who are willing to risk their own and others safety by concentrating on things other than driving.

“During this operation we have witnessed a number of drivers speeding, not wearing seatbelts and using their phones behind the wheel.

There are education campaigns that highlight road safety issues so there is no excuse for people not to know what the law states or the penalties they can receive when they are caught.”