Driver turned detective

A WOMAN turned investigator after she followed a truck for a mile which had clattered into a historic village monument. The Cross, in Oakenshaw, was severely damaged yesterday morning after a collision involving a HGV. The stone structure, which is situated at the junctions of Cross Street, Sykes Lane and Wyke Lane, is Grade-II listed and more than 300 years old.

It had stood the test of time until Tuesday when the impact with the lorry caused part of the bottom of the structure to completely come away from the main body. Rather than stop though, the HGV continued on its way. Ashley D’Carrion was right behind the large vehicle when the collision happened.

She said: “I was driving down Wyke Lane towards Oakenshaw. “I saw the HGV travelling towards the monument roundabout. “I kept my distance thinking it wouldn’t fit around the roundabout.

“The trailer had significant impact with the base stones of the monument, causing the vehicle to shake. “It didn’t however stop or slow down and continued onto Bradford Road turning right towards Chain Bar roundabout.” Many people would have left it there and contacted the relevant authorities, but Ms D’Carrion took matters into her own hands.

She said: “When I realised the driver of the HGV wasn’t going to stop, I followed close behind honking my horn and flashing my lights, to get his attention. “I followed the HGV for approximately one mile. “He only stopped at Chain Bar roundabout when I was able to quickly take a photo of his registration plate.

“He then continued on to the M606. “I returned to the monument to ring the police, as there was significant damage and I was very worried it would fall over and injure someone. “I waited until police arrived and blocked all roads around the monument.

“I passed all the information I had to police along with my details. “I hope the responsible party is found and held accountable for the restoration of the listed monument.” It is believed the HGV belongs to a company based in Europe.

West Yorkshire Police did not confirm whether it is investigating the crash, or if officers are looking for anyone. A spokesperson for the force said: “Police received reports of a road traffic collision in the Cross Street and Wyke Lane area of Oakenshaw in which a memorial was damaged. “The incident happened shortly after 9:30am on Tuesday, May 25.

“The road was closed for safety purposes while the structure was assessed.” The Cross has a long history in Oakenshaw and was built as a memorial to the first wife of physician, botanist and antiquarian Richard Richardson, Sarah, who died in 1702, according to Bradford Museums & Galleries. Richard was part of the Richardson family that built Bierley Hall in 1561, which was knocked down centuries later in 1968.

Ms D’Carrion said: “My message to the driver would be to get some respect for the public and take responsibility for his actions.”