Flashback to when Turton declared war on the weeds . . .

THESE two great photographs from our archives show that Turton Council was taking its responsibilities to ensure the area’s footpaths were kept free of weeds very seriously. The year was 1955 and the council staged a photocall on Belmont Road for its new mechanical gutter sweeper. On the front a scarifier – basically a circular wire brush – uprooted any weeds and loosened leaves nestling at the side of the road which were then sucked up into the container at the back of the vehicle.

Proudly showing off his new ‘toy’ was driver Mr G Brown watched by maintenance engineer Mr R Holt. And it wasn’t just the gutters which were being kept clean. The council also had a crack team hard at work on the pavements.

Liquid week killer – which was non poisonous and odour-free assured a council spokesman – was sprayed over the footpaths and any loose debris was scraped off and put in the back of the truck.