FORS member Rhenus High Tech goes above and beyond in battle against pandemic

Drawing on over 35 years of experience in the specialist field of medical equipment delivery and installation, FORS Bronze member Rhenus High Tech is playing an instrumental role in the fight against COVID-19. When the pandemic began to take hold in March 2020, the company was quick to adapt, redeploying a significant portion of its fleet and staff to help deliver and install vital medical equipment where it was needed most. Over the course of the last year, FORS Bronze member Rhenus has ensured the safe delivery of patient monitors, ventilators and respirator systems designed for COVID-19 patient treatment.

The company has also continued with its regular deliveries and installations of MRI, CT and ultrasound systems at NHS sites up and down the country. Rhenus High Tech’s dedicated teams have been working hard in the life sciences and bio science sectors, too, delivering biomedical freezers, incubators, blood analysers and clinical diagnostic systems across the UK and Europe. Such equipment proved critical in the development of the COVID-19 vaccines and is still essential to the roll-out effort.

Graham Barrow, Managing Director at Rhenus High Tech, said, “We are proud to be associated with so many customers who are playing such a crucial part in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. “As a business with specialist knowledge and experience of delivering and installing high value equipment to the medical sector, we knew we had an important part to play when the pandemic hit last year. The agility and commitment the company has demonstrated is testament to our fantastic staff, and it’s a real achievement that so many critical supply chains have been fulfilled”.

Rhenus High Tech has two FORS-accredited operating centres in the UK, located in Ashford and Manchester and supported by an extensive fleet of high tech vehicles ranging from 3.5T up to 26T.

Explaining how eight years of FORS membership has benefitted Rhenus High Tech, Graham Barrow said, “Our FORS membership has enabled us to access more work and garner interest from new customers who recognise the value of FORS accreditation.

After what has been a tough period for the sector, we look forward to making exciting and innovative steps forward in high tech logistics in 2021 with the continued support of FORS”.