HGV driver jailed for death of cyclist on Anlaby Road cycle lane

A loving dad who cycled to work every day to get fit for his daughter’s upcoming wedding tragically died after being hit by an HGV lorry. Pat Field, 55, was so excited about daughter Zoe’s wedding that he even had a countdown tracker on his phone, and every morning he would announce how many days were left until the big day. But, devastatingly, he didn’t get to walk Zoe down the aisle or see the birth of her first child earlier this year.

Two months before the wedding, truck driver Andrew Darkin momentarily lost concentration and hit him as he cycled home along the cycle lanes on Anlaby Road, Hull, on July 25, 2019. To get the Hull Live headlines to your inbox, click here.

Devoted husband and father Pat Field died days after he was knocked from his bike while using a cycle lane

Darkin, 50, from Thorgam Court, Grimsby, was jailed for eight months at Hull Crown Court on Friday, after pleading guilty to one count of causing death by careless driving. He apologised in court to Pat’s wife Melanie and his daughter, who said they felt they had “justice” and accepted he hadn’t gone out intending to kill someone that day.

However, in heart-breaking victim impact statements, they explained how the loss of the loving husband and dad, who worked as a warehouse operative and driver, has blighted their lives.

HGV driver jailed for death of cyclist on Anlaby Road cycle laneThe scene on Anlaby Road after the tragic accidentHGV driver jailed for death of cyclist on Anlaby Road cycle laneAndrew Darkin, from Grimsby, pleased guilty to causing death by careless driving

The family had been busily planning Zoe’s wedding to partner Ben at the time of the accident and they’d all been due to fly to Florida in the September for the ceremony. In her statement, wife Melanie, who worked as a Midwifery Assistant until her husband’s death, said: “Pat and I had just celebrated 30 years of marriage and we had so many plans for our future. We were looking forward to attending our daughter’s wedding in Florida in September.

“Pat would finally be getting to walk his daughter down the aisle. He had a countdown timer on his phone and he would remind us every day how long was left until the big day. I am certain he was the most excited out of all of us.

“We were also booked to go to New York in March 2020, this was our 30th wedding anniversary gift from Zoe and Ben.” She said since his death she has had to give up work, adding; “I was terrified that I would make a mistake and put someone at risk. I suffer with stress and anxiety and because of this I now live with Zoe and Ben.”

HGV driver jailed for death of cyclist on Anlaby Road cycle lanePatrick Field had been so excited to walk his only daughter, Zoe, down the aisle at her weddingHGV driver jailed for death of cyclist on Anlaby Road cycle lanePat and Melanie Field, who had just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary

She added: ” The whole family has been left traumatised by this tragic event and we will never get over losing Pat.”

Zoe and Ben, from Hessle, married in the October at home instead, but Zoe said it was “a very difficult day”, as was the birth of the couple’s first child, Zac Patrick, named after his grandfather, who was born in January this year. She said: “He was one in a million. He was the most hard-working, happy, genuine, affectionate, caring and loving dad.

I am proud to say that I am a daddy’s girl. I can think of no better person to model myself on other than him. We were like two peas in a pod.

“There are so many things that my dad will now miss out on through no fault of his own, in turn, there are so many things I will miss out on without having my dad.”

Pat spent several days in intensive care and endured hours of surgery, and he appeared to be rallying and even regained consciousness, before suffering a cardiac arrest caused by a massive blood clot as a result of his traumatic injuries. He died on August 7, which was 13 days after the accident. Zoe said she is “haunted” by the extent of his injuries and how he died.

“To know that he suffered in such a horrific way will haunt me for the rest of my life. The injuries to his body showed the magnitude of what he suffered. I felt helpless as he endured hours of surgery.

“I thought my dad was invincible but the medical team told us he only had a 50/50 chance of survival. He was a fighter though. “Hour by hour, day by day, he was starting to win.

He spent a week in intensive care, and he appeared to be improving. He was moved to a major trauma ward. His medication was reduced and he regained consciousness.”

Speaking about her dad’s death, Zoe said: “I do not have the words to describe the pain that rushed through my body, all I can say is that it broke me. It felt that I was living a real life nightmare, I expected the medical staff to tell me they had got it wrong and my dad was fine, but of course this didn’t happen.”

HGV driver jailed for death of cyclist on Anlaby Road cycle laneAnlaby Road cordoned off after the accident which would claim Pat’s life

Zoe said for months she kept expecting her dad to walk through the door. “I suffered with anxiety attacks and couldn’t accept that he was never coming back.” Pat, who was stepfather to Melanie’s two older children and had four step-grandchildren, would have been a first-time biological grandad to Zoe and Ben’s baby.

Zoe added: “My son would have been my dad’s first biological grandchild.

He carries my dad’s name, but he will never have the privilege to meet him, never get to know him, never receive the love that my dad gave me all his life.”