Jailed Grimsby lorry driver previously had near-miss with pedestrian

A lorry driver who accidentally knocked down and caused the death of a cyclist was formerly a community responder who had a near miss when a pedestrian stepped in front of his truck. Andrew Darkin, 50, from Thorgam Court, Grimsby, was jailed for eight months at Hull Crown Court on Friday, after pleading guilty to one count of causing death by careless driving. He was said to have momentarily lost concentration and hit Pat Field, 55, from Willerby, as he rode home along the cycle lanes on Anlaby Road, Hull, on July 25 2019.

It has now emerged that Darkin narrowly missed hitting a woman who stepped in front of his 44-tonne truck in Wales in August 2016 while he was making a delivery. Get the top GrimsbyLive stories straight to your inbox, click here

The distressed woman, who was later removed from the road by neighbours, appeared out of nowhere and sat down in front of his truck. Darkin, who was interviewed by The Daily Post newspaper after releasing dashcam footage of the incident, said at the time: “I was driving a 44-tonne articulated lorry.

“If I’d hit her, she’d have been dead and I would have been the one up in court for it. “The whole incident lasted around five minutes but I withheld some of the footage as it is not my intention to humiliate her.

Andrew Darkin was a former member of a community first responder scheme

“I just want her to realise how close a call she had in the hope that she’ll think twice before doing it again.” Darkin had previously volunteered with the Lincolnshire Community Assistance Team (LCAT), which is a group of trained volunteers called out by the emergency services to help with incidents.

In his Facebook profile picture Darkin is seen proudly posing in his high-vis jacket with a first response badge on it. However, the group said he was no longer associated with them after “leaving under a bit of a shadow.” A spokesman for the group said: “He has not been part of this group for a few years.

He’s nothing to do with us. He left under a bit of a shadow. He’s a past member.”

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Jailed Grimsby lorry driver previously had near-miss with pedestrianPat Field tragically passed away 13 days after he was struck by an HGV lorry while riding his bike home from work on Anlaby Road, Hull

Mr Field’s wife Melanie, in a victim impact statement to the court, said how her husband had so much to look forward to, as they were looking forward to celebrating their daughter’s wedding in Florida, which had been due to happen two months after his death. Daughter Zoe, in her statement, said her dad had not only missed her wedding day, but also the subsequent birth of his first biological grandchild Zac Patrick, born in January this year. She said: “My son would have been my dad’s first biological grandchild.

He carries my dad’s name, but he will never have the privilege to meet him, never get to know him, never receive the love that my dad gave me all his life.”