OVERLOADED: Hay lorry 10,400kg over weight limit pulled off M5 by police

THIS overloaded lorry was pulled off the road by police. Working in conjunction with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, officers checked its weight. It was found to be 10,400kg 23.6 per cent over the permitted weight.

Police have reported the driver for having a vehicle in a “dangerous condition” and slapped a vehicle prohibition notice on the lorry and trailed. Avon and Somerset Police’s roads safety unit tweeted: “Hmmm, that looks weighty. “Proactive stop by #OT42 on the M5.

“Examined by @ASPRoadSafety and @DVSAEnforcement and found to be…10400kg over train weight (23.6% over!)

“Driver reported for #Dangerouscondition and vehicle prohibited.