Junction closed after airport fire truck breaks down

A busy crossroads has been closed by police after an airport fire truck broke down this afternoon. Warwickshire Police are at the scene in Grendon Road, near to Tamworth Road and Polesworth fire station on Thursday, June 3. Officers have shut a part of the road and are currently awaiting recovery of the vehicle.

The broken down vehicle in Polesworth.

An eyewitness said: “It is a bit worrying when you see the road closed and police there like they were, you always fear the worst don’t you?

“But it seems like it was just for a breakdown, that is what people were saying, it is quite unusual though, you don’t normally see those airport trucks around here – although it is right next to the fire station.

“It couldn’t have broken down in a worse place to be honest, right by the crossroads, I can imagine that will be causing a bit of traffic if it is there for too long.”

Warwickshire Police confirmed a broken down vehicle was blocking the road and they were “currently awaiting recovery”.