Pick-up driver faces string of motoring charges

A MOTORIST has been summoned to court for a hearing following a string of alleged offences. The John William Stewart, 22, of Thacka Lane, Penrith, was heard at Carlisle Magistrates Court on Thursday. Stewart faces three seperate driving charges, all of which relate to alleged incidents on January 13 this year.

He is accused of failing to stop his Toyata Hilux pick-up truck when required to do so by a constable in uniform on the A689. He is also accused of failing to comply with the indication given by solid white line road markings on the same road. The court heard Stewart is alleged to have accelerated and performed an overtake of a HGV, crossing the solid white line system.

The presence of white lines such as these on the roads indicate drivers must not cross them as it would be dangerous to do so, due to the nature of the road. Finally, Stewart is accused of failing to comply with the indication given by a traffic sign, namely a red traffic light lawfully placed on the A689. Stewart denies all three charges.

The case was referred to a full court hearing.

A summons has been issued for a hearing on July 8 at Carlisle Magistrates Court, with the defendant to attend.