The 2021 East Midlands Top 500 Companies list: Part 1

Today we launch our 2021 countdown to the Top 500 Business in the East Midlands. Over the next four days BusinessLive will be listing the biggest companies by revenue in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. This is the second year of our Top 500 list which has been painstakingly put together by Professor of Enterprise Prof David Rae at De Montfort University in a partnership between research teams at the De Montfort, Derby and Nottingham Trent universities, East Midlands Chamber and Reach Plc.

The list is being sponsored by Leicester-based, family-owned residential property company Bradgate Estates. The actual list has taken months to compile and uses publicly reported trading figures – many published pre-Covid. It gives an idea of the range and strength of firms across the three counties covered by East Midlands Chamber – many of them household names – which support tens of thousands of jobs and pump billions of pounds into the regional and national economy.

Of course, many of the businesses will have seen big changes in turnover and employee numbers since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Those figures are not reflected in this list, but will begin to filter through as accounts are filed over the coming months. Over the course of the week starting today, June 28, Business Live is publishing the index in stages, counting down to the top 20, which will be revealed on Thursday, July 1, during a live webinar which we will be hosting from 2pm.

Book tickets for our Top 500 webinar by clicking here. An impressive panel has been organised to discuss this year’s findings and what they will mean for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and medium businesses as well as larger companies in the East Midlands, and their future growth. Hosted by BusinessLive editor Alistair Houghton, the panel will be made up of De Montfort’s Prof Rae; John Quigley, a former MD of Leicester-based luxury car dealership Sytner cars which was number two in last year’s list; Judy Naake MBE, founder of the St Tropez self-tanning business; Anthony Parker, financial director Bradgate Estates and Top 500 2021 sponsor; and Scott Knowles, chief executive East Midlands Chamber.

To join the East Midlands Top 500 2021 online roundtable event on Thursday, July 1, click here and order your ticket. Anthony Parker of Bradgate Estates said the three universities involved in putting together the list were themselves creating business leaders of tomorrow. He said: “This is our way of encouraging inter-regional and company dialogue, and closing the gaps between the region’s businesses with our excellent academic sector, local councils, and the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce to enhance the economic prospects for all in the region.

“I encourage our local companies to host more of our local university and business school graduates to capitalise on the knowledge and skills they can offer.” Chamber chief executive Scott Knowles said the East Midlands Top 500 showcased the huge contribution the region makes to UK PLC, and showed the strength and depth of its business community. He said: “After a year and a half that has presented unprecedented challenges for businesses across a whole host of sectors, it’s vitally important to take stock and celebrate success.

“We’re lucky to have so many great businesses on our doorstep, packed with household brands and many others less well-known but who are titans of their industries. “The East Midlands is the engine room of the UK’s economy – a manufacturing powerhouse, a hotbed of innovation, and a logistics hub that can put the region at the centre of Britain’s post-Brexit global trading relationships. “None of this has changed as a result of the pandemic, so it’s more crucial than ever to shout about what we’ve got with a united voice – because we have an amazing story to tell.

“It’s the second listing of its kind and while many of the top positions remain stable, it’s interesting to observe which companies have climbed the table and those that have fallen. “While eyes will initially doubt be drawn to the high-profile businesses, looking down the list makes it clear that there’s a wide variety of smaller companies that make our economy tick. “It also demonstrates the strength of the region’s supply chain in becoming interconnected, and providing much of the employment, skills and innovation the region builds its reputation on.”

Tomorrow we look at the firms who occupy places 350 to 201, but today we publish numbers 500-351:

(2020 position in brackets)

500 (-) KENNELPAK HOLDINGS Pet foods Operating revenue: GBP25,925,000

Number of employees: 274 Postcode: NG9 7BW 499 (460) ALBUMEDIX

Human albumen manufacturer for medical science Operating revenue: GBP26,079,000 Number of employees: 88

Postcode: NG2 3ED 498 (-) ERF ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS Trade supplier of electrical products

Operating revenue: GBP26,083,000 Number of employees: 117 Postcode: NG5 6HD

497 (-) LONG RAKE SPAR COMPANY Decorative aggregates supplier Operating revenue: GBP26,122,000

Number of employees: 84 Postcode: DE45 1LW 496 (-) UNIQUE WINDOW SYSTEMS

Window and door manufacturer Operating revenue: GBP26,136,000 Number of employees: 235

Postcode: LE4 0JP 495 (-) KSB Industrial valve and pump manufacturer

Operating revenue: GBP26,138,000 Number of employees: 115 Postcode: LE11 5TF

494 (-) HAWTHORN THEATRICAL Event production company Operating revenue: GBP26,163,000

Number of employees: 186 Postcode: LE14 3NQ 493 (470) AEM

Repair, overhaul, modification and testing of aircraft components and supply of first aid and medical kits to aviation Operating revenue: GBP26,328,000 Number of employees: 207

Postcode: LE4 9JQ 492 (389) ARTFORM INTERNATIONAL Point of sale and cosmetics displays (which has subsequently been through a major downsizing)

Operating revenue: GBP26,331,000 Number of employees: 163 Postcode: LE11 5TH

491 (-) NOVA BIO-PHARMA HOLDINGS Manufacturer and developer of bio-pharma products Operating revenue: GBP26,333,000

Number of employees: 229 Postcode: LE18 4YL 490 (-) GLOBAL FIRE SYSTEMS

Fire and security systems Operating revenue: GBP26,483,000 Number of employees: 180

Postcode: NG2 1AE 489 (-) HRE NEWCO Recruitment consultants group

Operating revenue: GBP26,511,000 Number of employees: 64 Postcode: S41 7PG

488 (-) DW HICKS (HOLDINGS) Building company Operating revenue: GBP26,512,000

Number of employees: 19 Postcode: LE5 0TF 487 (467) BLUEPRINT GAMING

Games developer Operating revenue: GBP26,533,000 Number of employees: 66

Postcode: NG24 2EU 486 (-) BLADES RESTAURANTS McDonald’s restaurant chain operator

Operating revenue: GBP26,556,000 Number of employees: 1,109 Postcode: NG9 7GZ

“Big Mac, fries to go”

485 (-) DELLNER

Train parts and services Operating revenue: GBP26,706,000 Number of employees: 152

Postcode: DE11 9DX 484 (477) CR CIVIL ENGINEERING Civil engineering company

Operating revenue: GBP26,775,000 Number of employees: 203 Postcode: LE11 1LE

483 (355) ARCTICS Recruitment services Operating revenue: GBP26,832,000

Number of employees: 40 Postcode: LE10 3BE 482 (-) AMETEK (GB)

Manufacture of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices Operating revenue: GBP26,961,000 Number of employees: 82

Postcode: LE4 9JQ 481 (487) MOTORS (COALVILLE) Ford dealership

Operating revenue: GBP27,083,000 Number of employees: 41 Postcode: LE1 3RW

480 (407) CHAMPIONS (UK) PLC Marketing, events, PR and celebrity management Operating revenue: GBP27,102,000

Number of employees: Year end: 78 Postcode: LE12 6XA

The 2021 East Midlands Top 500 Companies list: Part 1Cutting the ribbon at Champions (UK) plc: (l-r) Louisa Hayes, Matthew Hayes, John Hayes, Ken Clarke, Donna Hayes, Roxanna Hayes, Sophia Hayes and Jack Hayes


Manufacture of industrial equipment Operating revenue: GBP27,148,000 Number of employees: 100

Postcode: NG15 0DX 478 (472) LINSCO Recruitment services

Operating revenue: GBP27,166,000 Number of employees: 435 Postcode: NG1 1PB

477 (446) G.A.E. SMITH (HOLDINGS) t/a CASEPAK Recycling

Operating revenue: GBP27,285,000 Number of employees: 129 Postcode: LE19 4SD

476 (492) WEIDMULLER Electrical connections specialist Operating revenue: GBP27,329,000

Number of employees: 45 Postcode: LE19 1TP 475 (-) LK METROLOGY GROUP

Measuring equipment for sectors such as aerospace, automotive and energy Operating revenue: GBP27,404,000 Number of employees: 142

Postcode: DE74 2SA 474 (462) REABROOK HOLDINGS Chemical product manufacturing and packaging

Operating revenue: GBP27,513,000 Number of employees: 228 Postcode: DE12 6DA

473 (390) LIGHT SOURCE DESIGN Telecoms infrastructure specialist Operating revenue: GBP27,518,000

Number of employees: 100 Postcode: NG12 4DG 472 (469) MOORHEN HOLDINGS

Steel cladding Operating revenue: GBP27,525,000 Number of employees: 59

Postcode: S44 5GA 471 (-) BARRON MCCANN HOLDINGS Field engineering, networking and infrastructure

Operating revenue: GBP27,532,000 Number of employees: 270 Postcode: DE21 4SY

470 (442) LINECROSS GROUP Polymer and composite innovation Operating revenue: GBP27,560,000

Number of employees: 253 Postcode: LE15 8NG 469 (466) FASHION FABRIC TRANSPRINTERS

Fabric maker and screenprinter Operating revenue: GBP27,609,000 Number of employees: 231

Postcode: LE4 9JR 468 (441) DATAPATH GROUP Control room design and management

Operating revenue: GBP27,652,000 Number of employees: 119 Postcode: DE21 6XQ

467 (-) CHAUVET EUROPE Lighting and control systems Operating revenue: GBP27,719,000

Number of employees: 49 Postcode: NG1 7BQ 466 (464) PINNACLE INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT

Freight services Operating revenue: GBP27,769,000 Number of employees: 67

Postcode: LE9 6TU 465 (405) HUBERGROUP UK International specialist in printing inks and printing aids

Operating revenue: GBP27,797,000 Number of employees: 85 Postcode: NG2 1NA

464 (431) SYNCHEMICALS Making products for the home and garden, commercial horticulture and agriculture Operating revenue: GBP27,799,000

Number of employees: 204 Postcode: LE67 3DE 463 (-) MAGNAVALE

Temperature controlled food storage Operating revenue: GBP27,801,000 Number of employees: 284

Postcode: S42 5UY 462 (485) ARMSTRONG LOGISTICS Warehousing and distribution

Operating revenue: GBP27,902,000 Number of employees: 340 Postcode: LE17 4XW

461 (-) UK WASTE SOLUTIONS Waste management Operating revenue: GBP27,922,000

Number of employees: 169 Postcode: NG24 2TN 460 (454) OLIVE CATERING SERVICES

Contract catering Operating revenue: GBP27,925,000 Number of employees: 702

Postcode: CV9 3PH 459 (334) ARC PROPERTY SERVICES PARTNERSHIP t/a SCAPE Managing construction, consultancy and civil engineering frameworks

Operating revenue: GBP27,940,000 Number of employees: 79 Postcode: NG1 5AT

458 (-) FLUORSID BRITISH FLUORSPAR Inorganic fluorochemical manufacturer for the aluminium industry Operating revenue: GBP279,967,000

Number of employees: 48 Postcode: S32 4TH 457 (468) BREVITT – RIEKER

Mens and ladies shoes, boots and sandals Operating revenue: GBP28,015,000 Number of employees: 103

Postcode: LE16 9HW 456 (282) SHAKESPEARE PHARMA Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods

Operating revenue: GBP28,087,000 Number of employees: 21 Postcode: DE65 5UR

455 (479) SHOWSEC INTERNATIONAL Crowd security Operating revenue: GBP28,108,000

Number of employees: 2,892 Postcode: LE1 7NA

The 2021 East Midlands Top 500 Companies list: Part 1Showsec managing director Mark Harding

454 (-) CHAPLIN TOPCO t/a Cooke Optics Manufacturer of lenses for the movie industry

Operating revenue: GBP28,122,000 Number of employees: 134 Postcode: LE4 8PT

The 2021 East Midlands Top 500 Companies list: Part 1The late, great Lord Attenborough pictured looking through a lens during a visit to Cooke Optics, Thurmaston


Recruitment company Operating revenue: GBP28,238,000 Number of employees: 72

Postcode: NG1 6DQ 452 (433) ASHFIELD MEETINGS & EVENTS Event management

Operating revenue: GBP28,248,000 Number of employees: 185 Postcode: LE65 1HW

451 (-) ANPARIO PLC Manufacturer of natural animal feed additives Operating revenue: GBP28,277,000

Number of employees: 112 Postcode: S80 2RS 450 (448) FLAIR FLOORING GROUP

Rug supplier Operating revenue: GBP28,314,000 Number of employees: 121

Postcode: SK13 2NS 449 (452) PINEWOOD TECHNOLOGIES PLC Vehicle sales management systems

Operating revenue: GBP28,345,000 Number of employees: 203 Postcode: NG15 0DR

448 (422) JOHN A. STEPHENS HOLDINGS Builders merchants

Operating revenue: GBP28,442,000 Number of employees: 124 Postcode: NG2 1AG

447 (396) CAETANO UK Bus and coach manufacturer and parts distributor Operating revenue: GBP28,621,000

Number of employees: 13 Postcode: LE67 2QE 446 (461) OPUS TRUST MARKETING

Print and post services, online document portals and digital communications Operating revenue: GBP28,704,000 Number of employees: 157

Postcode: LE3 1UQ 445 (486) ROBERT POCHIN Plumbing supplies

Operating revenue: GBP28,806,000 Number of employees: 120 Postcode: LE3 1UW

444 (406) STREASON Crane manufacturer Operating revenue: GBP28,809,000

Number of employees: 178 Postcode: SK23 0PH 443 (484) NORTHFIELD HOLDINGS

Construction Operating revenue: GBP28,956,000 Number of employees: 70

Postcode: NG15 0BS 442 (434) TRUMA Caravan and RV products

Operating revenue: GBP28,986,000 Number of employees: 50 Postcode: DE65 5BG

441 (447) STANTON BONNA CONCRETE Manufacturer of concrete pipes, manholes, culverts and drains Operating revenue: GBP29,109,000

Number of employees: 186 Postcode: DE7 4QW 440 (444) CHARLES BENTLEY PROPERTIES

Supplier of home, garden and leisure products Operating revenue: GBP29,145,000 Number of employees: 129

Postcode: LE11 5XG 439 (-) STEETLEY DOLOMITE Makes products for industry, construction, civil engineering and agriculture

Operating revenue: GBP29,161,000 Number of employees: 58 Postcode: S80 3LJ

438 (388) AARSLEFF GROUND ENGINEERING Piling and ground engineering Operating revenue: GBP29,208,000

Number of employees: 152 Postcode: NG24 3BU 437 (435) CAVALIER MARKETING HOLDINGS

Design, manufacture and supply of bathroom products Operating revenue: GBP29,248,000 Number of employees: 163

Postcode: LE3 8DX 436 (457) THE PRINT PEOPLE GROUP Colour and commercial printing and publishing (currently facing compulsory strike- off)

Operating revenue: GBP29,270,000 Number of employees: 192 Postcode: LE1 9SG

435 (-) AGHOCO 1579 (TOPCO) Research and experimental development in biotechnology Operating revenue: GBP29,309,000

Number of employees: 275 Postcode: NG1 1GR 434 (418) HOSPITAL PHARMACY SERVICES (NOTTINGHAM)

Healthcare and pharmaceutical services Operating revenue: GBP29,377,000 Number of employees: 54

Postcode: NG5 1PB 433 (372) C R SHIELD HOLDINGS A group engaged in the production machining and assembly of castings

Operating revenue: GBP29,455,000 Number of employees: 161 Postcode: LE1 1QH

432 (-) SMS ELECTRONICS Electronic product development Operating revenue: GBP29,546,000

Number of employees: 171 Postcode: NG9 1AD 431 (387) EVERARDS BREWERY

Pubs and brewing Operating revenue: GBP29,561,000 Number of employees: 94

Postcode: LE3 8JS

The 2021 East Midlands Top 500 Companies list: Part 1Stephen Gould, managing director at Everards Brewery

430 (475) BAW (HOLDINGS) Kitchen appliance sales Operating revenue: GBP29,774,000

Number of employees: 55 Postcode: NG11 6QJ 429 (385) UAV TACTICAL SYSTEMS

Defence engineering Operating revenue: GBP29,789,000 Number of employees: 114

Postcode: LE19 1WZ 428 (425) DGS GROUP PLC Door and window supplies

Operating revenue: GBP29,792,000 Number of employees: 180 Postcode: LE11 5RF

427 (430) SANTANDER ASSET FINANCE (DECEMBER) Asset finance services Operating revenue: GBP29,804,000

Number of employees: 0 Postcode: LE19 0AL 426 (424) FRANK KEY GROUP

Builders’ merchants Operating revenue: GBP29,902,000 Number of employees: 217

Postcode: NG5 6BL 425 (412) HK WENTWORTH The manufacture and distribution of chemicals for the electronics industry

Operating revenue: GBP30,197,000 Number of employees: 237 Postcode: LE65 1JR

424 (-) APERAM STAINLESS SERVICES & SOLUTIONS UK Stainless, electrical and specialty steel products Operating revenue: GBP30,253,000

Number of employees: 11 Postcode: S43 4XA 423 (-) HEAVYWEIGHT AIR EXPRESS

Air cargo services Operating revenue: GBP30,294,000 Number of employees: 62

Postcode: DE74 2UZ 422 (419) AN WALLIS & COMPANY Earthing, lightning and surge protection products

Operating revenue: GBP30,419,000 Number of employees: 87 Postcode: NG6 8NG

421 (277) PICSOLVE INTERNATIONAL Video equipment for leisure, theme parks and tourism (entered administration in 2020) Operating revenue: GBP30,482,000

Number of employees: 647 Postcode: DE24 8AN 420 (338) UK EGG CENTRE

Egg products Operating revenue: GBP30,490,000 Number of employees: 10

Postcode: S41 9QD 419 (445) INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY SUPPLIES Truck and other transport parts

Operating revenue: GBP30,532,000 Number of employees: 26 Postcode: LE12 9NH

418 (480) RH COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Renault truck dealer Operating revenue: GBP30,560,000

Number of employees: 113 Postcode: NG4 2JY

The 2021 East Midlands Top 500 Companies list: Part 1RH Commercial Vehicles

417 (440) PLASTEK UK Component manufacturer for packaging industry

Operating revenue: GBP30,624,000 Number of employees: 143 Postcode: NG19 0FT

416 (331) LHOIST UK Specialist in lime dolime and other minerals Operating revenue: GBP30,685,000

Number of employees: 82 Postcode: SK17 0EL 415 (352) CMC CHESTERFIELD

Motorbike dealer Operating revenue: GBP30,695,000 Number of employees: 132

Postcode: S45 9DP 414 (482) BRIDGSTOCK Water and gas pipes, ducting and other fittings/utility network quality assurance/property

Operating revenue: GBP30,825,000 Number of employees: 97 Postcode: S41 9QB

413 (439) PARKER MOTOR SERVICES Vehicle parts supplier Operating revenue: GBP30,830,000

Number of employees: 352 Postcode: LE1 3WW 412 (-) CARA RESTAURANTS

Owns a chain of McDonald’s restaurants Operating revenue: GBP30,844,000 Number of employees: 957

Postcode: DN22 0QU 411 (467) BLUEPRINT OPERATIONS Pub, bingo and arcade machines

Operating revenue: GBP31,071,000 Number of employees: 21 Postcode: NG24 2EU

410 (401) MARK’S ELECTRICAL Appliance retailer Operating revenue: GBP31,248,000

Number of employees: 85 Postcode: LE4 1AQ 409 (423) BONNINGTON PLASTICS

Importer and wholesaler of garden, home and leisure products Operating revenue: GBP31,302,000 Number of employees: 93

Postcode: NG10 5AD 408 (377) SELDEN RESEARCH Cleaning and hygiene products

Operating revenue: GBP31,346,000 Number of employees: 198 Postcode: SK17 9RZ

407 (-) REFLEX VEHICLE HIRE Fleet hire services Operating revenue: GBP31,399,000

Number of employees: 76 Postcode: LE11 5TR 406 (336) SKYMARK PACKAGING INTERNATIONAL

Packaging supplier Operating revenue: GBP31,674,000 Number of employees: 237

Postcode: DE7 8EF 405 (426) SOS WHOLESALE Discount wholesaler

Operating revenue: GBP31,695,000 Number of employees: 98 Postcode: DE21 4BD

404 (394) CHARTERHOUSE HOLDINGS Corporate, promotional and sportswear/visual communications/digital textile printing Operating revenue: GBP31,726,000

Number of employees: 90 Postcode: DE74 2PY 403 (410) STRATA PRODUCTS

Manufacturer of plastic home, garden, office and baby products Operating revenue: GBP31,736,000 Number of employees: 165

Postcode: NG16 6NS 402 (438) MYUNIDAYS Student shopping app

Operating revenue: GBP31,836,000 Number of employees: 218 Postcode: NG7 1FB

401 (429) BPX GROUP Automation and control distributor Operating revenue: GBP31,889,000

Number of employees: 155 Postcode: LE7 7NL 400 (450) WINBRO GROUP UK

Advanced machining Operating revenue: GBP31,998,000 Number of employees: 187

Postcode: LE67 4JP 399 (-) BCM EMPLOYMENT & MANAGEMENT SERVICES Employment and management services

Operating revenue: GBP32,052,000 Number of employees: 887 Postcode: NG90 2PR

398 (432) THE WILKINS GROUP Carton and packaging printer Operating revenue: GBP32,063,000

Number of employees: 387 Postcode: NG4 2JX 397 (391) CARDZONE

Card and gift retailer Operating revenue: GBP32,104,000 Number of employees: 657

Postcode: NG22 8LS 396 (437) PACCOR (MANSFIELD) UK Packaging supplies

Operating revenue: GBP32,190,000 Number of employees: 136 Postcode: NG18 1EJ

395 (404) ATLAS COPCO MEDICAL Manufacturer of medical and dental instruments Operating revenue: GBP32,225,000

Number of employees: 79 Postcode: S43 3PF 394 (381) RON BROOKS (HOLDINGS)

Car dealer Operating revenue: GBP32,650,000 Number of employees: 94

Postcode: DE7 5FH 393 (358) A.F. SWITCHGEAR (HOLDINGS)

Manufacturer of low voltage distribution boards Operating revenue: GBP32,754,000 Number of employees: 176

Postcode: NG17 2HU 392 (379) TRIGON HOLDINGS (Now known as TRIGON GROUP) Sale of vehicle parts, accessories, tyres and exhausts)

Operating revenue: GBP32,760,000 Number of employees: 182 Postcode: DE24 8HG

391 (459) ELECTRONICS FOR IMAGING UNITED KINGDOM Printer services Operating revenue: GBP32,779,000

Number of employees: 194 Postcode: S18 1PY 390 (414) ROBINSON PLC

Plastic and paperboard packaging Operating revenue: GBP32,802,000 Number of employees: 325

Postcode: S40 2AB 389 (293) NJDR GROUP t/a EE Smith Interior fit-out contractor

Operating revenue: GBP32,910,000 Number of employees: 275 Postcode: LE2 6AL

The 2021 East Midlands Top 500 Companies list: Part 1EE Smith is working on the 350 bedroom Londoner hotel


Car parts supplier Operating revenue: GBP33,106,000 Number of employees: 204

Postcode: NG15 0DR 387 (478) MATSUURA MACHINERY Supplier of CNC machines and printer technology

Operating revenue: GBP33,176,000 Number of employees: 76 Postcode: LE67 4NH

386 (453) CML International freight forwarding, warehousing, fulfilment and returns processing Operating revenue: GBP33,176,000

Number of employees: 398 Postcode: LE17 4XR 385 (382) ADDER TECHNOLOGY

IP connectivity support Operating revenue: GBP33,226,000 Number of employees: 145

Postcode: LE1 7LT 384 (360) FARMER & CARLISLE HOLDINGS New and used cars

Operating revenue: GBP33,336,000 Number of employees: 113 Postcode: LE11 1ND

383 (451) SCHADES Paper rolls Operating revenue: GBP33,355,000

Number of employees: 55 Postcode: DE5 3RZ 382 (456) BROWNS BUILDERS MERCHANTS

Builders merchant Operating revenue: GBP33,389,000 Number of employees: 78

Postcode: DE1 3QQ 381 (374) CAPITAL REFRACTORIES Manufacturer of refractory and technical ceramics products

Operating revenue: GBP33,829,000 Number of employees: 246 Postcode: S43 4AB

380 (366) RUSHCLIFFE CARE HOLDINGS Care home provider Operating revenue: GBP34,044,000

Number of employees: 1,033 Postcode: NG1 6EE 379 (n/a) STERIS SOLUTIONS

Operating revenue: GBP34,219,000 Number of employees: 133 Postcode: LE7 1PF

378 (-) UK FLOORING DIRECT Online flooring retailer Operating revenue: GBP34,273,000

Number of employees: 76 Postcode: LE10 3BQ

The 2021 East Midlands Top 500 Companies list: Part 1UK Flooring Direct was set up by chief executive Jason Ashby in 2005 who had GBP299 to invest

377 (399) FISHER GERMAN Property management, auctions and commercial estate agency

Operating revenue: GBP34,330,000 Number of employees: 456 Postcode: LE65 2AB

376 (-) DNA (HOLDINGS) (recently changed its holdings structure) Logistics and warehousing Operating revenue: Operating revenue: GBP34,354,000

Number of employees: 234 Postcode: DE1 2RJ 375 (240) LOMAS DISTRIBUTION

Distribution Operating revenue: GBP34,364,000 Number of employees: 251

Postcode: SK17 7JB 374 (362) CALDIC (UK) Product supplies to the food, personal care, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors

Operating revenue: GBP34,410,000 Number of employees: 59 Postcode: S42 5UG

373 (415) LAKSHMI & SON’S (t/a Cofresh) Asian snack foods Operating revenue: GBP34,470,000

Number of employees: 181 Postcode: LE4 9LJ 372 (350) MOTORLINE DIRECT

Used car dealer Operating revenue: GBP34,892,000 Number of employees: 32

Postcode: NG1 4JA 371 (349) SYNCREON AUTOMOTIVE (UK) The assembly and distribution of automotive components.

Operating revenue: GBP34,908,000 Number of employees: 566 Postcode: LE10 3BQ

370 (409) CARE FERTILITY HOLDINGS Fertility clinics Operating revenue: GBP34,950,000

Number of employees: 289 Postcode: NG8 6PZ 369 (357) UTOPIA HOLDINGS (CHESTERFIELD)

Tableware and barware for the hospitality industry Operating revenue: GBP35,112,000 Number of employees: 110

Postcode: S41 0GG 368 (290) THOMAS SANDERSON Manufacturing and installing shutters, blinds and curtains

Operating revenue: GBP35,219,000 Number of employees: 309 Postcode: NG4 2JR

367 (378) MONDOTTICA Eyewear Operating revenue: GBP35,725,000

Number of employees: 140 Postcode: NG2 1RX 366 (356) PRECI-SPARK

Hi-tech engineering Operating revenue: GBP35,755,000 Number of employees: 480

Postcode: LE7 1HN 365 (443) J A BALL (now in administration) Building contractor

Operating revenue: GBP35,877,000 Number of employees: 31 Postcode: LE67 3HE

364 (337) EUROKEY RECYCLING Recycling and waste management Operating revenue: GBP35,935,000

Number of employees: 49 Postcode: LE19 1RJ 363 (476) QUEST GLOBAL ENGINEERING

Engineering services in design, modelling, simulation and custom software Operating revenue: GBP36,053,000 Number of employees: 329

Postcode: DE24 8UP 362 (345) BELLE ENGINEERING (SHEEN) Manufacturing machinery for global construction industry

Operating revenue: GBP36,122,000 Number of employees: 180 Postcode: SK17 0EU

361 (499) WALTER MILES (ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS) Electrical service installation Operating revenue: GBP36,123,000

Number of employees: 22 Postcode: LE2 0QS 360 (321) INDUSTRIA PERSONNEL SERVICES

Recruitment Operating revenue: GBP36,126,000 Number of employees: 1,948

Postcode: LE1 1TQ 359 (340) URGO Manufacture of medical bandages, dressings and hosiery

Operating revenue: GBP36,247,000 Number of employees: 167 Postcode: LE12 9JJ

358 (351) COOPER PARRY LLP Accounting and business support Operating revenue: GBP36,407,000

Number of employees: 406 Postcode: DE74 2SA 357 (333) TECHNOLOG HOLDINGS

Services for water and energy utilities and other customers Operating revenue: GBP36,443,000 Number of employees: 286

Postcode: DE4 4FY 356 (373) XBITE E-commerce

Operating revenue: GBP36,445,000 Number of employees: 93 Postcode: S43 4GD

355 (342) GREENE TWEED & CO Making seals, coatings and connectors for industry Operating revenue: GBP36,452,000

Number of employees: 134 Postcode: NG11 6JS 354 (368) UNITED RENTAL GROUP

Vehicle hire Operating revenue: GBP36,561,000 Number of employees: 59

Postcode: S41 7SJ 353 (397) RH DEVELOPMENT (PROPERTY) Operating revenue: GBP36,626,000

Number of employees: 113 Postcode: NG4 2JY 352 (408) POTTER CLARKSON LLP

Specialist in IP law, trademarks, patents and licensing Operating revenue: GBP36,714,000 Number of employees: 155

Postcode: NG1 5GG 351 (320) VICTIM SUPPORT Supporting victims of crime

Operating revenue: GBP36,744,000

Number of employees: 923

Postcode: DE1 3HZ