TPN showcases its operational agility with second ‘pop-up’ Hub in Coventry

The pop-up Hub model, which TPN invented, contributes to the network's operational resilience. It means that any sudden or seasonal surge in volume can be rapidly met with extra Hub resource thus keeping vehicle turnaround times low for Partners. "We have a long-term strategy for Hub development which includes new central Hub facilities," says Mark. "However, large fixed assets will only ever be one part of a successful strategy.

"To have resilient service levels you need to plan well and react fast. The seasonal lulls in the market are gone, and volumes surges can be unpredictable, both in quantity and region. "The pop-up Hubs are our fast-reaction mechanism and we've deployed it twice now with great success." TPN is very experienced at deploying its rapid response teams:

  • It created its Preston and Northampton Hubs each within three weeks of Partners indicating demand.
  • In 2019 they set up depots in Dagenham and Teesside, going from empty yard to fully compliant working transport operations in less than two weeks.

The NEC and Coventry Hubs have both been fully fitted and made operational within one week of taking possession.

"Our teams are very practised and know their jobs. Whatever the network requires, we find an efficient, rapid solution," says Group Transport Manager Lee Noble. "We can literally take sites from zero to hero in less than two weeks." Noble finds TPN's directness refreshing. "There is no red tape.

The senior management team is always talking to Partners and is very alive to any issue in the network."

This same approach creates TPN's first class on-boarding for new Partners, with specialist team members offering IT installation, training, and support in operations, marketing, sales and resource management.

"We invest in new Partners from the outset to set them up for success," says Mark. "TPN is the ultimate can-do network."