Brits face Haribo drought due to lorry driver shortage across the UK

Brits could face a shortage of Haribo, as the company says it can't find enough lorry drivers to get the sweets on shop shelves. The German sweet giant, known for its gummy confectionery, said there is a general shortage of drivers in the UK. The UK haulage sector has pinned the shortage on Brexit and the pandemic, according to the BBC.

There are thousands of HGV driver positions going unfilled as a result. The Government has ramped up testing for lorry drivers and is paying for more apprentices in response. But it may be too late for Haribo, which said it is "experiencing challenges" due to the lack of bums on driving seats.

The issue affects all Haribo sweets, including Tangfastics and Starmix. Have you noticed a shortage in stores? Let us know in the comments below

None of the Haribo range is immune from the driver shortage Brits face Haribo drought due to lorry driver shortage across the UKThe iconic sweets are in short supply

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) thinks there is a shortage of around 60,000 drivers.

Before Brexit, many of the lorries on British roads were actually driven by EU nationals, many from Romania and Bulgaria. Many stuck around after the Brexit vote, but then started returning home when the pandemic started. An RHA statement said: "The driver shortage for HGVs is hitting crisis level in the UK.

Recovery from Covid-19 is increasing demand across supply chains, the impact is already being seen with the increased opening of 'non-essential' retail and parts of the hospitality sector in recent weeks.

Brits face Haribo drought due to lorry driver shortage across the UKThe problem is a massive shortfall in lorry drivers

"The recovery is exacerbating the already existing shortage. Brexit has contributed too. So has the loss of about 12 months of driver training and testing."

The RHA also said around 30,000 lorry driving tests didn't happen last year due to the pandemic, worsening the problem. A government spokesperson said: "We're working with industry and have already taken action on HGV driver shortages, including ramping up vocational test capacity, and funding apprenticeships. "However, most of the solutions are likely to be driven by industry, with progress already being made in testing and hiring, and a big push towards improving pay, working conditions and diversity."

Last week the Mirror reported that many supermarket shelves in Britain could be empty this summer due to the lorry driver crisis.

Industry leaders have warned an "unimaginable" collapse of supply chains which caused a shortage of more than 100,000 truck drivers. Insiders said the disruption means shops in the country could face gaps on shelves within weeks. In a letter sent to Boris Johnson on June 23, the industry called for his intervention to allow access to European labour.

They asked the Prime Minister to introduce temporary worker visas for HGV drivers, adding them to a "shortage occupation list".