Female hauliers drive out image of burly male trucker

With a shortage of lorry drivers threatening supermarket supplies -- most recently of the gummy sweets made by the confectionery giant Haribo -- the haulage industry is turning to women so it can keep on trucking.

Hauliers are grappling with a conundrum: what can be done to attract young women when many drivers, who are mostly white and middle-aged, are quitting their jobs?

A generation of women now in their forties watched the exploits of Long Distance Clara in the 1980s cartoon Pigeon Street.

But according to Logistics UK, a trade association, only 3 per cent of about 320,000 HGV and LGV drivers are women.

Road to Logistics, a charity backed with GBP1 million from the Department for Transport, and the headhunter Manpower