Lorry driver hits back at criticism about overnight parking in village

A lorry driver has hit back at criticism of HGVs being parked overnight in a village near Newark. HGV driver Lee Jardine appealed for more understanding to be shown towards lorry drivers in a heartfelt post on the Long Bennington Village Forum page on Facebook. He felt compelled to speak out after plans for a new cycle scheme were approved by Lincolnshire County Council's planning and regulation committee, which would prevent lorries from parking overnight at the north end of Long Bennington.

Lee Jardine has been parking his HGV in Long Bennington for years. Lee Jardine has been parking his HGV in Long Bennington for years.

It comes after residents claim they have had to put up with rubbish and human waste being left behind by lorry drivers for many years.

According to villagers, between 12 and 21 lorries park in the village every night instead of using the lorry park at Gonerby Moor Services.

Lee, 36, has been parking his HGV overnight in Long Bennington for years, and believes a small minority of drivers are spoiling it for the rest. He said: "I love long Bennington. It's such a beautiful village.

I own a big successful HGV Facebook group. I just wanted to share my views and to have a say from a trucker's point of view.I totally understand the fact there are a lot of residents against the parking and the litter. I totally agree.

Throwing out litter and leaving rubbish behind is absolutely unacceptable. I have mentioned this in my group, but these are only a small minority, and not all truckers do it.

"We don't have many places left around for parking. I do understand there are truckstops etc to park but a lot of companies don't pay for parking at GBP30 a night.

Truck stops become very full quite early. I love Long Bennington like most of the truckers, we use your shops and beautiful fish and chip shop and I know a few who enjoy the walk around the river."We work away from our family, work very long hours and have very little sleep. "Long Bennington to us is a safe place to park.

We feel safe at night in your village. We try super hard not to park near your houses and if you do see a HGV parked up the top end he's most likely been caught out with his driving hours and couldn't fit on the roadside near the A1. " I'm also a member of truckers cleaning up Britain group where we clean up dirty laybys and collect rubbish from disgusting drivers.

Please understand that HGVs having been parking on that road for many years now and we hope we can still use it and enjoy your village and shops. "We don't stop out because we want to, we stop out because we need to fill your shops and provide you with everything you need in life. I've had goods stolen, fuel theft and even had someone try to break into my cab, but Long Bennington is one of the safest places we know of."

The details of the new cycle scheme have been developed in close consultation with the parish council and playing field management committee, with an onsite meeting held to agree the details, before going out to public consultation.

Ward councillor Alexander Maughan said: "I am delighted to see the committee approve the county council's plans for Long Bennington, which will improve cyclist safety, encourage more cycling to Newark and remove the dangerous and inappropriate lorry parking in our village."