News round-up July 2021

Biffa tries solar on trucks; Best behaviour sought on contamination; Recyclable sachet launched; Peel in hydrogen-from-plastic deal; Young farmers to tackle fly-tips

Biffa tries solar on trucks

Biffa is trying out Vision Techniques' Solar Save panels powered by Trailar on its collection trucks. It said that adding solar panels to top up regular engine power could save up to 3,100kg of carbon emissions per vehicle each year, so saving 8.9mkg across its fleet of 2,900 trucks. The solar panels sit on top of the vehicles and use light to charge the battery while the truck is working.

The alternator then has to use less fuel, saving CO2 emissions. Two vehicles in Leeds will test the technology for six months. Press release

Best behaviour sought on contamination

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is to use behavioural insight to help maximise recycling by residents by preventing contamination.

The campaign Thanks for Trying recognises that many put the wrong material in their recycling bin with good intentions and highlights some of the most common errors. NLWA said last year, 15% of the 121,970 tonnes of mixed dry recycling collected was contaminated. Press release

Recyclable sachet launched

Origin Group has launched SnappD to offer 100% recyclable single-dose sachets made with more than 30% post-recycled materials instead of the normal multilayer plastics, which cannot be separated.

Origin said the size and shape of SnappD sachets meant large quantities can be easily transported with minimal space wastage. Any sachet size between 40x50 mm and 100x100 mm is possible. Press release

Peel in hydrogen-from-plastic deal

Peel NRE has agreed to supply Element 2's proposed network of hydrogen refuelling stations from its planned plastic-to-hydrogen facilities on the Protos complex in Cheshire. 

It said the site would convert unrecyclable plastics into one tonne of hydrogen per day, sufficient to fuel approximately 40 HGVs, 500 buses or 2,500 cars a day.   There are also plans for a similar facility in North Clyde, near Glasgow. Press release

Young farmers to tackle fly-tips

The National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs is working with the Environment Agency on Operation Green, to encourage club members to tackle litter and fly-tipping in the countryside.

Clubs will organise litter picks, area clean-ups, tree planting and improvements to natural habitats.

Press release