North East Lincolnshire Council planning applications week ending Sunday, July 18

The below list, taken from North East Lincolnshire Council’s website on Monday, July 19, contains planning applications that became valid in the previous week in North East Lincolnshire.

  • Details in discharge of condition 4 (Surface Water Drainage) pursuant to DM/0214/21/FUL, 6 Marshchapel Close Cleethorpes
  • Eucalyptus tree: Fell reason: excessive shading, bark peeling off and wood word in dead branches, 12 Hunters Close Grimsby
  • Erect single storey side extension to include open fronted car port, pool room, plant room, and gym with associated hard and soft landscaped including swimming pool, Kingsfield House Caistor Road Laceby
  • Change of use from garage to childrens nursery with associated works, 31 Gibraltar Lane Laceby
  • Details in discharge of conditions 4 (Surface and Foul Water Drainage), 5 (Construction Management Plan), 8 (Newts) and 9 (Access) pursuant to DM/0082/21/FUL, The Stables Ashby Hill Ashby Cum Fenby
  • Demolish existing car-port and garage and erect single storey side extension with roof lanterns, internal alterations, alterations to window openings and installation of cladding to front elevation, 2 Hilton Court Cleethorpes
  • Alterations to existing garage to include doors to side elevation and installation of timber decking with canopy, 137 Humberston Fitties Humberston
  • Variation of Condition 2 (Approved Plans) following application DM/0064/21/FUL to alter the roof style of the outbuilding, 108 Weelsby Road Grimsby
  • Ash tree A1: fell, Reason: Extensive Inonotus hispidus fungal infection, 3 Pine Close Great Coates
  • G1 x4 Lime trees; lift canopy to 6m, thin canopy by 30% Reason: excessive shading, 14 Carlton Road Healing
  • Details in discharge of conditions 3 (Materials), 4 (Surface and Foul Water Drainage), 5 (Construction Management Plan), 6 (Water Use), 7 (Highways Access) and 8 (Landscaping) pursuant to DM/0218/21/FUL, land rear of Heywood Waltham Road Brigsley
  • Erect two storey side extension, 5 Trinity Road Cleethorpes
  • Prior notification to erect a single storey rear extension: Extend beyond rear wall – 3.25m Maximum height – 2.5m Height at eaves – 2.5m, 17 Fallowfield Road Grimsby
  • Apple tree in rear garden; remove on third of old apple tree. Reason: Concerns about its condition, Sharow back of 75 Waltham Road Grimsby
  • Demolish existing porch, erect two storey side extension, erect single storey rear extension with roof lantern, install entrance door, canopy and bay window to front elevation, erect 1.8m fence, install timber gates to front with various alterations, 15 Peaks Lane New Waltham
  • Variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) as granted on DM/0490/21/FULA to increase the size of the garage, 5 Coningsby Drive Grimsby
  • Change of use from restaurant seating area to residential flat, First Floor Flat 181 Grimsby Road Cleethorpes
  • Provision of a cycle shelter onto an existing concrete slab, Humberston Eco Conservation Centre Humberston Avenue Humberston
  • Construction of veranda and decking to rear, locker for bins and gas to side, demolish and replace garden shed and erect and replace fencing, 77 Humberston Fitties Humberston
  • Display one free standing digital advert, Car Park Victoria Street Grimsby
  • Erect 66 bedroom care home to include access, parking and landscaping, land off Matthew Telford Park Grimsby
  • Reserved matters application for access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale pursuant to DM/0928/18/OUT allowed on appeal APP/B2002/W/19/3224248 to erect a dwelling and detached garage, land south of 2 St Lukes Grove Humberston
  • Creation of new driveway with new vehicle access point to include drop kerb, 7 Salisbury Avenue Waltham
  • Variation of Condition 1 (approved plans) as granted on application DM/0405/19/REM for the reduction to 16 dwellings with changes to layout, design, parking and associated works (Zone 6), land south of Diana Princess Of Wales Hospital Forsythia Drive Grimsby
  • Erect single storey extension to front, erect single storey extension to rear and install decking to rear, 258 Humberston Fitties Humberston
  • Erection of fence around rear garden and erection of pergolas, 2 St Thomas Close Humberston
  • Change of use to create 1 self-contained residential unit and retail units (Use Class E) including a pet shop, Education Development Centre Heneage Road Grimsby
  • Listed Building Consent for change of use to create 1 self-contained residential unit and retail units (Use Class E) including a pet shop, Education Development Centre Heneage Road Grimsby
  • Non-material amendment as granted on DM/0212/20/REM to change roof pitch from 35 to 30 degrees on various housetypes, land at Louth Road New Waltham
  • Site shipping container to provide hot food takeaway within car park (amended ownership certificates), Alexandra Retail Park Corporation Road Grimsby

Decided planning applications for the same period

  • Certificate of Lawfulness application for a proposed use that a material start has been made following application DM/0591/18/FUL, 82A Louth Road Grimsby – Status: Approved
  • Relocate existing garage to car park, Cambridge Park Academy Cambridge Road Grimsby – Status: Approved with Conditions
  • Erect single storey extension with rooflights and form rooms in roof space with rear dormer projection, 34 Beeley Road Grimsby – Status: Approved with Conditions
  • Post completion of the works being carried out, the said Ash Tree will have a canopy spread of 5m radius from the base, and the overall height of the tree will be reduced by approximately 30%, 48 Station Road Great Coates – Status: Approved
  • Install 18.0m phase 8 monopole with cabinets and associated ancillary works, footpath to the front of 79 High Street Waltham – Status: Refuse Prior Notification
  • Erect single storey front extension, Tale Of Two 2 – 3 Alexandra Road Cleethorpes – Status: Refused
  • Erect porch to front elevation with alterations to windows, loft conversion to provide additional accommodation at second floor to include alterations to the height and pitch of roof, install front and rear dormers and various alterations including roof lights, 70 Stallingborough Road Healing – Status: Approved with Conditions
  • Demolish existing garage, erect single storey rear extension to kitchen to form family room with adjoined single garage and install side dormer to first floor, 1 The Cloisters Humberston – Status: Approved with Conditions
  • The tree is an Oak Tree which is located in the garden of 15 Northumberland Close. However the tree effects four properties which the tree spreads over.

    These properties are listed below. The issues the tree cause to all four properties are shading, leaf and acorn drop into the gardens/ gutters/ drains and also branches that fall into the gardens (safety issue). The tree stands at approximately 16 meters in height, and wish to reduce the height to 13 meters.

    16 Augusta Close, reduce the canopy spread from approximately 16 meters to 13 meters.

    16a Augusta Close the tree branches spread along the garage and this would be the point of reference, to reduce the spread by 2 meters from the line of the garage.

    15 Northumberland Close, The length of the canopy from the truck (along the fence) is approximately 14 meters and wish to reduce it to 11 meters.

    13 Northumberland Close, the tree spreads approximately 16 meters along the fence from the trunk. Wish to reduce this to 13 meters, 15 Northumberland Close Grimsby – Status: Approved with Conditions

  • Erect dormer extension to front elevation, 19 Larch Road Cleethorpes – Status: Approved with Conditions
  • Temporary siting of a static caravan for a period of 18 months during the build phase for the new dwelling on site (resubmission of planning application DM/0907/20/FUL), land adjacent Field Gates Post Office Lane Ashby Cum Fenby – Status: Approved Limited Period
  • Pine (T5 on sketch plan) – Fell, Pine (T6 on sketch plan) – Fell, Pine (T7 on sketch plan) – Fell 1. The tree works are proposed to stop the influence of the tree(s) on the soil below building foundation level and provide long term stability.

    2. Estimated costs of repair to the building are GBP50,000.00 if the influence of the tree(s) remain and GBP2500.00 if the proposed tree works are allowed to proceed. Granting permission will limit these costs.

    In the event of a refusal we, or our clients, will seek to secure compensation for the additional costs incurred through Section 202(e).

    3. Should the tree/s remain the total cost of repairs will be the Superstructural repairs + Alternative method of repairs = GBP52,500.00 4. It is the expert opinion of both the case engineer and arboriculturalist that on the balance of probabilities the supporting information demonstrates the influence of the tree(s), 94 Station Road Great Coates – Status: Refused

  • Erect two storey rear extension and installation of windows into side elevations, 82 Timberley Drive Grimsby – Status: Approved with Conditions
  • Erect single storey rear extension with roof lights to existing garage to form pool room, retain play equipment to rear of garden, erect porch to front elevation and alterations to boundary treatments to include installation of gate, 74 Stallingborough Road Healing – Status: Refused
  • Details in Discharge of Condition 4 (Construction Management Plan), 6 (Contamination), 7 (Contamination), 8 (Contamination), 9 (Contamination), 10 (Contamination), 11 (Piling) and 12 (Surface Water) pursuant to DM/1163/19/FUL, development site West Coates Road Grimsby – Status: Conditions Part Complied With
  • Demolish an existing dwelling, erect new dwelling with a detached garage, a detached barn / stables block with boundary treatments, access, landscaping and boundary ditches. (Amended plans June 2021), Valley Cottage Hatcliffe Road West Ravendale – Status: Refused
  • Certificate of Lawfulness of existing use to retain 7 bed HMO, 405 Cleethorpe Road Grimsby – Status: Approved
  • Ash (T1) crown reduction due to overhanging garden, excessive shading, excessive fouling from pigeons.

    Unknown (T2-T5) crown reduction, Unknown (T3) Diseased fungal growth, Unknown (T6) cut down -dead, Unknown (T7) leave in place, possible crown reduction, 211 Scartho Road Grimsby – Status: Approved

  • Erect BMW motorcycle showroom building and standalone wash/valet building along with elevation changes to existing showroom/workshop building in accordance with clarification of loading area plan and Delivery Protocol Planning Statement received by the Local Planning Authority on  June 23 2021, Astle BMW Grimsby Road Laceby Grimsby – Status: Approved with Conditions
  • Retrospective permission to erect single storey timber staff room and a single storey extension to existing nursery to provide additional classroom (amended plans / description), Salisbury Court Barnoldby Road Waltham Grimsby – Status: Approved with Conditions
  • Change of use from village hall to a members only food sales outlet (sui generis) use, Healing Village Hall Great Coates Road Healing Grimsby – Status: Approved with Conditions
  • Demolish existing garages and workshop, erect nine dwellings with associated parking, landscaping and alterations to vehicular and pedestrian access, Garages Granville Street Grimsby – Status: Approved with Conditions