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Based within our head offices at Albion House, and providing operational support for staff across all departments at Site One, Burnley Bridge, Coventry, and the new Frontier Park site, the team in our Training & Development department are responsible for providing comprehensive training on new equipment and vehicles that are incorporated into our operations, for both new and existing members of our team.  Focusing the majority of their time on training up our new LGV, HGV and forklift truck drivers, our three RTITB-certified instructors, Darron Coster, Gareth Jones and Keith Wade, along with our DVSA-certified LGV trainer, Chris Bohane, are involved with preparing drivers for their formal assessments. 

“Once a new driver has been assessed, he or she will then be assigned their first job, so we’ll take care of their induction into the company too,” explains F&W Training & Development Team Leader, Chris Bohane. “This is something we do for new staff who are entering the F&W team in every department, whether they be joining us as new office staff, drivers, or as part of the warehousing team.” Playing a vital role in the development of the F&W infrastructure, the Training team is involved with getting all new drivers qualified, as well as facilitating career development and progression from and within other departments.  The Departments of Fagan & Whalley

“We’ll assist with training staff on any new equipment that’s brought in, and we’ll help existing drivers pass further training to become certified on newer vehicles, such as the rear-steering and urban trailers we have in our fleet.  “A big part of our job comes in helping staff in other departments, such as the warehouse, develop their career and move into a driving role. We like to spend time progressing the careers of team members already within the F&W network, who we can train up to qualify for their Class 2 license, with the hope to see them eventually qualify for their Class 1. 

“Our department is also looking after an exciting new scheme that’s recently launched. Designed to make a career in the transport industry more accessible, the Future-bound Scheme is a structured driver training programme which invites applicants with a UK driving licence to work towards their professional LGV and HGV qualifications, beginning with a 3.5-tonne vehicle and allowing them to progress through to a 12-tonne, 18-tonne, and eventually a 44-tonne vehicle.  “We’re currently guiding one driver through this 12-week process, with another set to start with us in the coming weeks.

This ongoing programme provides comprehensive training to prepare new drivers for their theory and practical modules and assessments, with the final module of the first stage seeing them qualify to drive a commercial LGV. The only way is up from there!  “We like to manage our driver training entirely in-house, as not only is every member of our team highly qualified and experienced, but we each take a great deal of pride in the standards we seek to uphold.

There’s a marked difference in the quality of drivers who come to us following their training in external schools or companies and those who are trained by our own team, as other instructors often focus solely on getting them through the test and don’t fully prepare them for the demands of the role. The F&W driver training team not only holds a 90% pass rate, but is also committed to helping new drivers to develop the comprehensive understanding and skill set that’s required to operate an LGV, HGV or forklift truck safely.”  Interested in joining the Fagan & Whalley team?

View our live vacancies, or find out more about how you can get involved in our Future-bound Scheme and take your first steps towards an exciting career in the transport industry! 

The Departments of Fagan & Whalley