Truck shows reopening

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F&W driver David Weston, who has been part of the company for over 30 years, made quite a storm at the recent Show Motions Ultimate Trucks event, held at Whitchurch Rugby Club in Shropshire, when he was awarded third place in the Best Company-Owned Vehicle category with his unique Scania R450 tag axle. Part of the truck show circuit for the last five years, the event is designed to celebrate show trucks, custom trucks, and vintage vehicles, and this year’s competition saw over 500 vehicles entered. 

Truck shows reopening “We were all delighted to hear the news of David’s win,” says F&W Operations Strategy Director, Daniel Wood. “We know that the competition is fierce at these events, particularly in the category David entered, so it’s a real achievement to have been recognised by the judges.  “David’s been a valued member of our team for almost 33 years now, and he’s always been heavily involved in the truck show circuit, spending much of his free time travelling up and down the country to attend and compete in these events.

The vehicle he entered at Whitchurch only went on the road last year, when all the shows had been cancelled due to COVID, so this was only his second time showing it.  “We’re proud to have him on our team and we all enjoy the pride he takes in his vehicle. He’s very excited about the show calendar getting filled again, and has plans to attend a few events all over the country in the coming months.

He’s out there flying the flag for Fagan & Whalley, and we all think he’s doing an amazing job!”

Truck shows reopening