Watch: Farmer’s epic lawnmower fail goes viral

A farmer appeared to have perfectly reversed his sit-on lawnmower onto the back of a trailer - only for it to send him flying at the last second as it plummeted off the back and left the vehicle 'in bits'. Dot Frankland had gone to visit her mum's farm near Ripon, North Yorks, when her two brothers, Ed and George, were transporting a mower to a friend. After fixing makeshift ramps on to the back of a small van, machinery driver Ed, 25, set about carefully reversing the machine up.

Hilarious footage shows Ed raise his thumb in the air as he successfully makes it onto the trailer - only for the mower to bounce back off the van's cab and lurch forwards off the station.

Ed from Ripon, North Yorkshire was attempting to transport his brother's lawnmower over to a friend to help him cut some long grass

The machine and Ed both tumbled to the floor as Dot and George, 30, burst out laughing before their brother quickly picked himself up and dusted himself off. Cleaner Dot said: "I couldn't believe it. I was laughing for about 10 minutes after.

"Ed was meant to be going home with his children just before this happened but when George asked if he could help him, I took over putting the kid's in his truck. "I said to the kids as they started putting the ramps onto the little van that 'they should watch this as this could be funny' and that's when I decided to film it just in case. "I didn't actually think the ramps would fall off the truck.

Watch: Farmer's epic lawnmower fail goes viralThe lawnmower in better days, as the accident left it 'in bits' despite Dot initially thinking it had miraculously avoided any damage

"George wanted to take the mower to his mate's farm to cut some of his lawn that had grown too long but didn't have any other means of getting it over there.

"He's just started a new job working at a quarry where he drives diggers, dumpers and other machinery. "They didn't have any other ramps to use other than these ones which they got from another trailer. George was bravest to drive it up the ramps whilst Ed guided him.

"I thought the mower had miraculously survived any damage but the main brunt was taken at the back end. The front didn't break on impact but it did at the other end so the mower is now in bits." Since being uploaded to social media, Dot's video filmed has been viewed almost 40,000 times with many people pointing out Ed had been 'doing so well' at first.

One commenter wrote: "Damn, he was doing so well." Another person said: "Oh my god I literally wet myself but also hope he is ok!" One person commented: "I've just watched that like 10 times and can't stop laughing."

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