Woman shares message for binman after he goes into her garden to collect rubbish

We've all faced the panic of waking up on bin collection day only to realise we've forgotten to put them out, but one woman was left shocked when she saw what her local binman did in response. The woman, who lives in Birkdale in Merseyside, forgot to take her bins out of her garden on Wednesday after getting swept up in the celebrations of England's Euro 2020 semi-final victory over Denmark. But when she woke up on Thursday morning, she discovered that not only had the binmen been into her garden to pick up her bins, they'd also placed the empty containers back where they were.

Commenters have suggested she leave a bag of sweets for them to say thank you

According to the Liverpool Echo, she wrote on a neighbourhood app: "Bin men sometimes get a lot of stick so I thought I'd give them a shout out this morning.

"We forgot to put our bins out, too much celebration. "Anyway, got up and the bin men had collected our bin from the garden, emptied them, and then put them back. "How cool was that?

Thank you to whoever it was that did that." The kind deed was much appreciated by the woman, as the general waste in her area is collected fortnightly, so her next collection wouldn't have been until July 22. People were quick to respond to the post, with several others sharing their own stories of kind binmen going above and beyond.

One wrote: "I remember a time years ago where the bins were metal and had no bin bags. The bin men came into the drive and humped the bins on their back and tipped them individually into the truck. "A friend wanted to hide her bin so those passing by couldn't see it, and the bin man knocked at the door and said 'Hey missus where have you hidden it this week?'"

And other commenters hoped the woman would repay the binmen for their good deed. Another said: "Good for you to notice what they had done and be thankful for it! So many would not even have noticed.

"Could you stick a bag of sweets or something to the bin lid next time with a thank you card?"

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