Dad drags 50-stone lorry from Bolton to Blackpool ‘without any training’

A dad from Bolton pulled a 700lbs model lorry 40 miles to Blackpool, to try and raise GBP10,000 to save his favourite music venue. Motorhead superfan Phil Frain, 51, was devastated to discover that Blackpool’s Waterloo Music Bar was struggling to cope after being rocked by the pandemic. Since the venue opened in 2018, Phil has been more than 30 times to watch his favourite bands play but it was nearly forced into closure due to the impacts of lockdowns with little help from the government.

: RSPCA raid Dave’s Aquarium pet shop as it loses its licence to sell animals The NHS driver admitted he’s not fit and didn’t train before embarking on the gruelling challenge but was ‘fuelled by the power of metal’.

Phil Frain said he was ‘fuelled by the power of metal’

He embarked on the crazy challenge at 2.30am on Saturday (July 31) accompanied by his wife Denise, 51, sons Phillip, 22, and Stefan, 29, and best pal Peter Hallows, 53 – along with a special guest in the driving seat of the lorry – a clay model of Lemmy, the legendary lead singer of Motorhead. Powered by a playlist of over 90 metal songs, starting with Airborne’s ‘Running Wild’ and ending with Motorhead’s ‘Heroes’, they finished at 7pm after 16 hours on the road, arriving just on time to enjoy Glasgow five-piece Mason Hill.

Phil said: “I love the Waterloo, it’s a brilliant venue where memories are made. “It’s the holy grail of rock, and I’m happy to do anything I can to help keep it alive. “I’m not particularly fit, I didn’t work out or train, but I carried this truck for 40 miles to keep the rock alive.

“I was in so much pain when I arrived, every step was excruciating. “But the concert at the end was amazing. We brought the truck into a pub, and it’s still there.

“It was a spectacular day, it’s a day I will never forget for as long as I live.

Dad drags 50-stone lorry from Bolton to Blackpool 'without any training'Phil Frain from Bolton constructed the mini artic ‘Motorhead’ truck in his front garden

“Hopefully we’ve raised awareness and we can help save places like the Waterloo, it’s our heritage.” Phil said he was inspired to build the lorry after watching Airborne’s ‘Running Wild’ music video where Lemmy was driving a big truck. He told his wife ‘I’m building a truck’, before spending each day working on his project after work

The dad-of-two forked out GBP1,400 buying electronics, indicators, metal, wood, wheels and paint to buld the 13-foot-long and 5ft 6in tall Volvo truck over seven months. But he said it was worth it to help save the venue, which he described as a ‘shrine to metal’

Phil added: “At the Waterloo you get to meet incredible people and the bands as well, it’s brilliant. And the atmosphere is unbelievable.

“The whole place is a shrine to metal. They’ve got Lenny’s bar as well. It’s just stunning.

“If we lose this we should just give up, we’ve lost music forever. “These venues are so essential – we cannot afford to lose them. “It’s not just about metal, it’s any music, we can’t lose our grassroot venues.

We’re going to live in a Britain of silence.” The Waterloo nearly closed down due to the coronavirus lockdowns, despite a GBP45,000 fundraising effort started by the Music Centre Trust. So far, more than GBP2,800 has been raised.

To help the fundraising effort you can visit the Go Fund Me page.

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