Van floats off down river after owner parks on slipway to ‘grab pint’ and forgot

A white van has been seen floating around an estuary after its owner popped to the pub and forgot where they had left it. Th van was spotted by passer-by Asia Litten at around 10am on Sunday as she was on a morning stroll to watch her mum kayaking in the Exmouth estuary. Asia posted pictures of the van on a Facebook community page in the hope of finding the vehicle’s owner, but was met with funny comments instead.

She told DevonLive: “The windows were down, but no one was inside. I shared it on the Exmouth Community page in the hope of alerting the owner!” Asia later found out that the owner had parked on the slipway at the Imperial Recreation Ground and forgot to move it.

Passer-by Asia Litten has found out that the van was left by its owner who had popped into a pub (ASIA LITTEN/APEX)

She said: “It turns out someone parked up, had a few drinks and forgot they left it there!”

Another passer-by captured the rescue efforts on camera as a 4×4 truck tried to “winch the van” of the thick mud that lines the estuary. People left funny one-liners on the page about the van, with one person writing: “Sorry sir, that’s not the car wash.”

Van floats off down river after owner parks on slipway to 'grab pint' and forgotThe post was met with funny responses with people joking that the owner did not want to pay for parking (ASIA LITTEN/APEX)

Another said: “Sat-nav told this was the quickest way to Dawlish.” Someone else joked: “It’s probably the Hermes van that has my dress.”

Others turned to joking about controversial parking charges in the town. One asked: “Trying to avoid a parking ticket?” Another wrote: “I’m not paying GBP1 for parking that’s outrageous.”

But one member of the community group was concerned about the environmental impact of a van getting caught in the water. They said: “Should put a ban on people parking down there. “The Estuary is an important nature reserve and most cars leak fluids even more so when they are submerged under water.”

The owner of the van was not in the vehicle at the time of it being submerged in the water.