Bison running electric trucks on cross-border route

Bison Transport has taken delivery of two battery-electric Freightliner eCascadias, which are deployed on a cross-border regional route. The trucks are running between Bison’s Delta, B.C., terminal and a customer site in Washington State. “This is an important step towards zero emissions in the transportation sector and we are excited to be able to facilitate this project with our partner Freightliner,” says Mike Gomes, vice-president, maintenance at Bison Transport.

Bison’s eCascadias are deployed on a cross-border regional route. (Photo: Bison Transport)

“It is not as simple as a replacing a current tractor with a BEV, infrastructure and network operational considerations exist.

We plan on testing the limits of the technology, understanding how to manage when there are disruptions, either operationally over-the-road or to the supply chain, and how we work around these opportunities.

This test will help Bison Transport understand the operational requirements of the technology as we move towards more sustainable transportation solutions.

“This test pushes the boundaries of the current technology, helping us and our customers understand the capabilities of the technology and how we can integrate BEV vehicles into operations in the very near future,” Gomes added.