Oil spill causes ‘pandemonium’ for Felixstowe’s truckers

Yesterday’s A14 fuel spill caused “pandemonium” for Felixstowe’s haulage industry, a haulier based in the town has said — adding it cost him more than GBP10,000. The A14 at the Dock Spur roundabout in Felixstowe was closed from 1.35pm on Thursday, following a 200-litre diesel spillage. A diversion route was put in place until the road reopened, more than 12 hours later.

Adam Searle, director of CP Transport, estimated the spillage cost his firm GBP14,000. “It caused pandemonium,” he said. “Of our little old fleet we had 22 delayed deliveries and 15 total failures.

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“It’s shown how fragile the road system in and out of Felixstowe is.” A spokesman for Hutchison UK, which runs the Port of Felixstowe, said the disruption had not affected the unloading of shipping. However it caused a backlog of trucks onto the port, forcing the port to cancelling incoming truck bookings for Friday morning.

The spokesman added the disruption had now eased.