Police blast “reckless” drivers clocked at 116mph on A43 Corby bypass

Police blasted “reckless” drivers after five were clocked speeding at more than 100mph in just two hours on a stretch of road near Corby. Cameras clocked two driving at 116mph on the A43 Corby bypass on Thursday (September 24). One officer said: “Driving at that speed is simply reckless.”

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Police blast Police snapped more than 100 drivers over the 70mph limit on the Corby bypass

In all, 82 cars and 14 vans were snapped over the 70mph speed limit.

Four more occupants of vehicles will be reported for not wearing seatbelts. The four-mile carriageway, which runs from the Barford Bridge roundabout on the A6003, north-west of Kettering, to the A43 Stanion roundabout south-east of Corby, is one of around 170 locations in the county where mobile speed cameras are regularly deployed in response to safety concerns. Speeding and not wearing a seatbelt are two of the ‘Fatal Four’ offences — which also includes drink or drug-driving and using a mobile phone at the wheel — are those most commonly linked to deaths and serious injuries on roads.

A Northamptonshire Police Safer Roads Team spokesman said: “We are not interested in raising revenue — we’re interested in making the roads a safe place to be for all users. “Our most successful sites are those where we capture ZERO offences because it means everybody is driving safely. “Excess speed not only increases the risk of a collision, but in the case of a collision, increases the severity of injuries sustained.

“By enforcing speed limits, we aim to reduce those figures.”