Ballard hits 100M-km milestone with fuel cells

Ballard Power Systems has achieved a 100-million-kilometer milestone, with medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles powered by its fuel cell technologies. It has more than doubled its total kilometers traveled over the past year. The company says about 3,500 trucks and buses globally are currently powered by Ballard.

(Photo: Screen grab)

“As Ballard technology continues to see broad reaching adoption and increasing field testing with key industry partners and customers, we are well positioned to continue to play a leading role in the deployment and proliferation of hydrogen fuel cell technologies,” said Randy MacEwan, president and CEO of the Canadian fuel cell manufacturer.  

“We continue to be focused on medium- and heavy-duty motive applications of bus, truck, rail and marine where the value proposition of hydrogen fuel cells is expressed most strongly.

FCEV technology offers long range capabilities and quick refueling, without compromising payload, which is optimal in return-to-base refueling applications.”