Drakkar offers warehouse service near Montreal

Drakkar Logistics, a third-party logistics provider that offers fleet, dock, freight, and fulfillment management, on Wednesday announced a warehousing service available since this past August.

(Photo: Drakkar Logistics)

The 36,000-square-foot facility in Lachine, Que., near Montreal’s rail yards, facilitates the unloading of containers while providing manufacturers, retailers, and electronic merchants with freight management support. With this temporary warehousing offer, Drakkar Logistics ensures the management of goods via all modes of transportation. “The Covid-19 pandemic has had two major impacts on businesses.

On one hand, there was an explosion in e-commerce, which is extremely positive.

On the other hand, it put a lot of pressure on retailers regarding their logistics capabilities.

The Lachine warehouse is a way to invest in the Quebec economy and support businesses that actively take part in it,” said Michel Girard, president of Drakkar Logistics.