Dutch hauliers might turn around UK supply crisis

A letter signed by 31 Dutch haulier companies, addressed to Prime Minister Johnson, has called on the UK government to save its supply chain crisis by relaxing rules on cabotage. Maciej Wronski, President of Transport and Logistics Poland, has stated that the UK is not self-sufficient when it comes to goods transport, and that allowing more cabotage is the only way to solve the problem. In the letter, Ewals Cargo Care, as well as 30 other road transport firms from the Netherlands, argue that cabotage rules should be changed to allow more hauliers to support the UK transport market and increase the productivity per truck.

Given the Brexit border friction and the likelihood of having to come back with an empty load, many European haulage firms feel they would need to do more cabotage in order to make trips to the UK worthwhile.

Source: trans.info

Photo source: Dreamstime.com