Married couple shares their passion for ice cream with new business venture

A couple from Downham have started a venture based on their shared love of ice cream. Emma and Wayne Reese, 30, have started Reesey’s Ice Cream Truck, which is fashioned in an appealing vintage style. Their aim is to “bring the community element of the ice cream truck” back to the area.

Mr and Mrs Reese (52213006) Mr and Mrs Reese (52213006)

Mrs Reese said: “Our aim is to get people together, and bring them happiness through ice cream – we aim to have a table and chairs out in the summer so people can just sit and take their time and enjoy their dessert.

“You often get people running for the ice cream truck, but we want it to be more of an event, more slow and leisurely like in the old days.

“Most of all we want our menu to be affordable for people.”

The Reesey's Truck (52213048) The Reesey’s Truck (52213048)

Mr Reese said: “We both love ice cream, and have always liked sampling different kinds from trucks across Norfolk – so we decided to do it ourselves.” The couple are parents to three children, who love that their dad drives the ice cream truck.

Mr Reese said: “The kids love it, when I pull in the drive they run up to the van.”
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The menu includes an array of frosty delights including “mermaid” which features blue sauce and a generous topping of blue sweets. “Lotus” is sure to be popular, with a mouth-watering dollop of caramel sauce, a sprinkle of biscuit pieces and two Lotus Biscoff’s stuffed in the side.

"Mermaid" (52213045) “Mermaid” (52213045)

The classics are featured of course, including; “the minty one”, “strawberries and cream” and cult classic -Mr Whippy with a flake. There are also vegan and gluten free options on the menu- with plans to offer even more vegan flavours.

The beautifully crafted Ice Cream at Reesey's Credit: Instagram users (52213054) The beautifully crafted Ice Cream at Reesey’s Credit: Instagram users (52213054)

Mrs Reese said: “We don’t want to just have one or two vegan options – we want to be able to offer diverse flavours, and we want our menu to be inclusive.”

Halloween is also catered for with a cup of artisan ice cream “No Tricks just Treats” and an autumn based creation that will leave you feeling cosy.

The beautifully crafted Ice Cream at Reesey's Credit: Instagram users (52213051) The beautifully crafted Ice Cream at Reesey’s Credit: Instagram users (52213051)

The truck has a Cambridge-esque feel to it, and is reminiscent of the food trucks seen at festivals and large events. The pair have a new truck coming at the start of 2022 and hope to expand their menu to hot desserts and drinks. For weddings and other events, Prosecco lovers could soon be slurping on a decadent “Prosecco slushie”, and those with a penchant for mulled wine could be enjoying a slushie version of the drink to ward off the Winter chill.

Reesey’s stops at different locations around Norfolk including; Watlington, Shouldham, Downham and more. Reesey’s can also be hired for events and weddings. They advertise their times and locations on Facebook and Instagram.

To follow or book for an event head to @resseysicecream or Reesey’s on Facebook.